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Isoclean 60A3 II
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For the perfectionists, this unit fitted with the ultra low impedance Audio Grade dual 60 +60 AMP RF, noise filters to attenuate noises, RF associated with city mains. RETAIL: $3,100.


The dual filters being separate and independent to reduce interactions between equipments. Rhodium plated Furutech IEC socket being provided to accept various other high grade power cables, e.g. ...... Isoclean Super Focus, Auto Focus,......etc. Casing constructed of thick high quality copper plates for mass, unit stability and efficient air born harmful RF absorption. Audio grade National 24K Gold plated AG sockets. The contacts being modified, polished to increase contact area in order to improve reliability and reduce noises. The AG sockets wired individually to the IEC socket and dampen by selected European Epoxy compound. Units individually handcrafted to exacting professional standards.

Dimension: 265(L) x 150(W) x 135(H)mm
Weght: 6.5 kg