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Stillpoints Equipment Suspension Support Rack

This is an amazing performance necessity for any high performance system. 2012 TAS Editors Choice Award!!

$8,620 (starting at)


Equipment suspended by vibration damping hub mechanism.

Stillpoints dampers built into each 3/4" stainless steel shelf support beam and leg.

Extensive use of dissimilar materials.

Low profile, versatile & expandable design.

Adjustable shelf positions.

Level adjustment can be made with feet or shelf positioning.

Stillpoints/Threaded Risers can be added to each leg.

If space allows, additional shelves can be added.

Low mass design reduces energy storage

Weight capacity per shelf:
20" and 26" wide is 250 lbs.
40" wide is 150 lbs.

Total weight capacity is 1,000 lbs per rack

28" High 3 Shelf

20"W Shelf $8,620.00

26"W Shelf $9,015.00

40"W Shelf $11,450.00

34" High 4 Shelf

20"W Shelf $10,355.00

26"W Shelf $10,870.00

40"W Shelf $14,095.00

42" High 5 Shelf

20"W Shelf $12,110.00

26"W Shelf $12,745.00

40"W Shelf $16,760.00