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MICROMEGA IA100 Integrated Amplifier
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IA-100 is the second of a line of three integrated amplifiers. It shares with IA-60 and IA-180, the two other units of this range, some functionalities which fall under a search for coherence of the products making their ergonomics intuitive and supporting the change from one model to another without the necessity to relearn how the new one functions come. (Ultra slim design) RETAIL: $1,799.

$999 FLOOR SAMPLE (Silver)

IA-100, thanks to its many assets and in particular its very elaborate power modules, makes penetrate the listener in another world, where one does not speak anymore of sound reproduction but of musical reproduction. Each emotion is transmitted in its entirety and the word transparency takes all its meaning.

Line level inputs 5
Line level input sensitivity 280 mV
Line level input impedance 47 kŮ
MM phono input 1
Phono input sensitivity 5 mV
Phono input impedance 47 kŮ
Processor input. 1
Processor input gain 26 dB
Sub Input 1
2.1 Mode Yes
PRE Out Yes
Tape out output impedance 600 Ů
Headphone output power 2 W
Minimum headphone impedance 32 Ů
Rated power (4Ů) 2 x 100 W
Output impedance (1 kHz) < 20 mŮ
Power bandwidth 10 Hz – 100 kHz
THD + noise (20Hz-20 kHz) < 0.02%
Maximum power consumption 300 W
Dimensions: (W x D x H mm) 430 x 290 x 69 mm
Weight 7.0 kg