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Nordost USB Cables
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Along with file formats and transmission standards, the cables used in computer audio applications can have a dramatic effect on sound quality.

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It is critical to use high quality computer audio cables so that their performance can meet the demands of music fidelity. The application of sophisticated cables, such as USB cables, are becoming increasingly necessary as the use of music servers, hard-drive stored music and high-resolution audio downloading grows increasingly popular, and in some cases becomes the standard choice.

Nordost USB data cables set the standard for audio performance by applying ground-breaking technology and absolute attention to detail throughout the production process. Nordost USB data cables are manufactured and terminated in the USA, allowing us to control every aspect of production.


Purple Flair USB 1M $199

Blue Heaven USB 1M $249

Red Dawn USB 1M $374

Heimdall 2 USB 1M $499

Frey 2 USB 1M $749

Tyr 2 USB 1M $1,299

Valhalla 2 USB 1M $3,499