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Margules Audio SF220r Pre-Amplifier
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The SF220 stereo preamplifier is the control center of the musical system, capable of extracting the best of any power amplifier. It combines the superior sound of the tube circuitry with innovative technologies, thus producing an effortless, natural and dynamic sound.


Low impedance

The SF220's output stage is a very-low-impedance design that can drive virtually any cable or power amplifier without audible interaction or loss of sound quality. The SF220's wide frequency response is maintained even with long cable runs, so there is no softening or loss of detail.

The SF220's advanced design is complemented by the use of premium components. The PC board is silver-plated for maximum conductivity.

The SF220 is so clean and effortless-sounding that it brings out the best in any power amplifier, even solid-state models that sound constricted or edgy with other preamp.

Regulated Power

The Hi voltagepower supply is fully regulated. Good regulation reduces the loss of signal integrity that occurs when the signal itself shifts the amplifier's operating point. The filament supply is DC (not AC) for minimum hum. It, too, is regulated.


Frequency response:

5-400 khz

Total harmonic distortion:

<0.014% max

Maximum output level:

30 v

Signal to noise ration:

4 Ohm


6 dB

Raise time:

6 micro segundos

Fall time:

6 micro segundos

Power consumption (max):

55 w



Dimentions (height, width, depth):

13.6 cm x 44cm x 3 cm