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Soundmatters FOXL Dash7

Introducing DASH7™ - The über-flat, slides in your pocket, truly amazing, wireless sound bar (& speakerphone).


Connect to all your favorite devices.

Soundmatters didn’t invent the Bluetooth speaker, just the ones that sound good.
For streaming music, or a wireless phone call, DASH7 provides great sound and extended Bluetooth listening range...connects to smart phones, tablets, laptops and more*. No Bluetooth capability? Want even better sound? Connect the included audio cable to your device’s 1/8-inch / 3.5mm headphone jack.

Shockingly good sound and up to 12 hours of battery life.
DASH7 incorporates the most advanced highest performance version of Soundmatters legendary Twoofers (tweeters that also woof), these pancake-flat ultra power neodymium drivers provide an uniquely wide frequency range and are augmented by our patented rechargeable BassBattery which not only delivers up to 12 hours of playback but augments the powered Twoofers by ingeniously doubling as a passive bass woofer. The result - over 8 octaves of music reproduction (for spec-hounds, that 70Hz-20kHz +/-3dB @0.5m).

Built-in Noise Canceling Microphone Adds Speakerphone Capability.
Sometimes a phone call can be music to your ears
Multi-tasking while talking to dad, or an impromptu conference call, DASH7's Bluetooth echo/noise canceling microphone provides clarity to your calls. Answer, terminate, reject, or transfer a call back to your phone all from your DASH7.

extended-range + Aux Inputs .
• State-of-the-art audio performance, ultimate portability - weighs only 7.1 oz.

• 3/4" height, disappears below tablets/monitors
• Patented Bass-Battery™ for deep bass and up to 12 hours battery life
• Speakerphone/conferencing via built-in noise-canceling microphone
• Sub output for optional foxLO subwoofer
• Int'l charging kit, cables, combo stand/travel case included