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Anti-Mode 8033S Subwoofer Correction

“In summary, the DSPeaker Anti-Mode is a dandy little device for taking care of the major influences of room modes. It is incredibly easy to use and reasonable priced.” Sterophile



Automatic Room Correction is Finally Reality!

Audio professionals and home theatre enthusiasts have know it for a good while: poor room acoustics can spoil otherwise perfect sound reproduction. Perhaps the most significant challenge is how to deal with standing waves (also known as room ‘modes’) which appear at low frequencies in every listening room. When audio is played back in a typical room, bass output may get severely distorted. Adjectives such as ‘slow’ and ‘boomy’ are commonly used to describe the characteristics of such sound.

Anti-Mode 8033 The SIMPLEST and most COST EFFECTIVE solution on the market
Anti-Mode 8033 NO COMPUTER or costly INSTALLER / DEALER required
Anti-Mode 8033 SIMPLY connect the supplied calibrated mic, press calibrate, wait 3 minutes and ENJOY :-)
Anti-Mode 8033 Two front panel selectable eq curves ( LIFT 25, LIFT 35 ) for extra bass
Anti-Mode 8033 GOT MULTIPLE SUBS ? - Just add one per sub.... and its still the most cost efective solution.
Anti-Mode 8033 Place your sub in a corner ( where it is most efficient ) and DSPeaker will even correct this.

Standing Waves

The phenomenon of standing waves is closely related to dimensions of the listening room as well as construction materials used. Because sound waves on low frequencies contain high amounts of energy, this problem is very difficult to address by using physical acoustic treatment alone. In many cases, the efficiency of traditional treatment doesn’t live up to expectations. This is why the application of electronic correction has been gaining popularity. With a versatile parametric equalizer, careful and accurate measurements of the listening room and a skilled expert to perform adjustments, one can indeed achieve very good results.

However, the equipment required for electronic room correction can be expensive, let alone the fact that not everyone is (or wants to be) an expert in audio and room correction. Luckily, there’s no need for that any more! Since the introduction of Anti-Made 8033, room correction is now easy, highly efficient and affordable.

Don’t let the compact size fool you. Anti-Mode 8033 is packed with state-of-the-art DSP-hardware and sophisticated signal processing algorithms.

nparalleled Efficiency and Ease of Use

Equipped with state-of-the-art anti-modal algorithm and modern digital signal processing hardware, equalization can be performed using the highest accuracy and efficiency. To ensure optimum results, Anti-Mode 8033 operates in both amplitude and time domain. It supports single and multiple point calibration. You can place your sub-woofer practically anywhere in the room and still enjoy fast and controlled bass playback. In fact, what used to be the worst placement (typically in the corner of the room) might turn out to be the best after the correction has been applied!

Anti-Mode 8033 is capable of performing up to 24 arbitrarily steep filters to tame even the most challenging room modes.

Finally the most important thing: it is extremely easy to use. To calibrate, simply take the measuring microphone (always included with the product) to your typical listening position, press a button, wait a couple of minutes and you’re done!
DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033 DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033
Base response measurement in a real listening room. Room modes are clearly visible and will have a huge negative impact on sound quality.
Automatically correct response. Notice the dramatic improvement in decay times (blue curves).

Technical Information

Correction Range
16-144 Hz
Custom Filters
1/82 oct.

1 1/10" (28 mm)
5" (126 mm)
3 1/7" (80 mm)

0.51 lbs
40 bit
Frequency Response
5-160 Hz (+/-3dB

Dynamic Range
90dB unweighted
Input Connector
1 x RCA
Output Connector
2 x RCA

1 x 3.5 mm jack
Input Sensitivity

Microphone Cable Length
16.4' (5 cm)