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CablePro Revelation Power Strip

This is a Wonderful inexpensive way to improve the sound of your entire system! The upgraded Revelation at $549 sounds even better!!

from $349

CablePro Revelation Power Strip $349

The Revelation power strip takes AC power delivery to another level. No filters, no circuit breakers, no fuse, nothing compromises the AC signal. Plug into a Revelation power strip to enhance the performance of any audio or video device.

The Revelation gives you 8 outlets of clean, evenly distributed power. High conductivity receptacles, hard-wired with 12 gauge silver-plated OFC combine with a low-loss Teflon dielectric to produce a pure path for AC signals. The custom aluminum-alloy chassis is powder coated with a non-conductive, dark Bronze finish. Mechanically and electrically inert, the Revelation power strip makes it possible to forget about the gear and enjoy the music!


*Internal wiring upgrade*
UP-OCC, aka, Ultra-Pure Ohno Cast Copper conductors are produced in such a way that each individual strand is formed from a single copper crystal, no boundaries.Because of its pure parallel design the Revelation uses 57% more conductor than the NANA, which is why this upgrade costs more in the Revelation. UP-OCC is quiet in a way that is marvelously musical. Sonically, UP-OCC has a natural presence you won't want to miss along with significantly improved pace, rhythm, and timing. Big, well controlled bass with lots of pitch definition. In the room punch, like you're there! Think UP-OCC power cord too!

*Noise reduction package*
There is also an option for our proprietary noise reduction treatment that reduces vibration in the chassis even further while it reflects, absorbs, and deflects RFI and EMI noise. This is not to suggest that the Revelation isn't exceptionally quiet to start with, it is. However, there is no single upgrade that improves sound quality across the board more than reducing noise. Every little bit helps. The material we use for the added noise reduction covers the inside of the base of the chassis. It is not in the signal path at all. The lower noise floor will allow your components to produce an even more accurate sense of pace, rhythm, and timing. You will find there is more detail, yet the sound is very refined and easy on the ears, like real music.