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HRS RXR Audio Rack System

The RXR rack uses technology similar to the SXR and MXR racks to create a stand that minimizes unwanted resonances and vibrations


The differences between the SXR or MXR and the RXR are visibly obvious. Both the MXR and SXR use aircraft grade aluminum in the frame whereas the RXR uses a combination of aluminum and hard maple. Does the RXR rack perform as well as the SXR and MXR. Simply put, this is a case of “good-better-best”. Does it perform as well as the MXR? No it doesn’t, but then again neither is anything else in the market. What about the SXR? The RXR comes closer but the SXR outperforms the RXR in resonance management. A better way to measure RXR performance is to compare it against other products in the market. Here the RXR outperforms just about all other racks and stands.

Quite frankly, we think the RXR rack is gorgeous and any owner would be proud to show it off. Our first look at it in Las Vegas in January 2013 really floored us. We expect performance from HRS products, but we didn’t expect to see a product that would fit nicely into any living room. Made from hard maple and available in blonde, ebony and burgundy, the RXR is very flexible and can be configured to meet your unique needs. Easily adjustable, the RXR shelf heights can change as your needs dictate and additional shelves and extensions can be quickly added by the owner. It is a rack that will grow with you over time and provide you with the isolation your equipment needs and a look that keeps your wife satisfied.

The RXR is a winner. It offers superb isolation and resonance control and looks like a million bucks. If you always dreamed of owning a top shelf audio rack but couldn’t spring for it, this may be your chance. Give us a call today to see one in our gallery.
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