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Auralic Gemini 1000 & 2000 DAC / Headphone Amplifier / Stand

The innovative headphone docks combine Full-Format DSD decoding computer, powerful Class-A headphone amplifiers, personal music libraries and stylish headphone storage. RETAIL $1,199 / $2,000

$999 SALE! (Gemini 1000 new in box in black); $1,599 FLOOR SAMPLE (Gemini 2000 in black)

Connect With Any Digital Source

The input ports that include USB, PHONE and AUDIO enable connecting GEMINIs with various digital sources such as your computer, cell phone and even the game console.

PHONE: Android tablets & phones using stock data cable.
USB: Computers running Windows, OS X and even Linux.
AUDIO: TOSLINK with sampling rate support up to 192K/24Bit.

Drive Any Dynamic Headphones

GEMINIs’ headphone amplifier provide up to 2000 milliWatts power output in Class-A for the model 2000, more than enough to drive any higher-quality ones, and 1000 milliWatts of Class-A power for model 1000. Both GEMINI 2000 & 1000 come with 1/4 stereo phone jack and 4-PIN XLR headphone connector. The GEMINI 2000 additionally employs a fully balanced design to achieve a more audiophile-quality sound.

Bring Your Music Anywhere

GEMINIs include a SDXC card reader that allows it to host a vast personal music library. After connecting GEMINI to computer, via USB, two device icons appear on computer screen. One reveals audio interface for amplifier and decoding, the other interface indicates SDXC card allowing user to equip the GEMINI with up to 2 terabytes of music.

Each GEMINI comes with a 4GB SD card loaded with a computer driver, a user's guide, a bundle of high-resolution sampling tracks, and audiophile music playback program.

Playback Any High-Res Music

The cutting-edge decoding computer inside GEMINIs are inherit from AURALiC’s multiple awards-winning VEGA Digital Audio Processor. It supports the latest digital formats include DSD, double-rate DSD and even DXD.

The digital filters inside GEMINIs are developed and optimized for subjective listening experience of heapdhone usage for each sampling rate by AURALiC’s Flexible Filter Mode technology.