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Davone Mojo
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The big problem with most small speakers is that they sound small. Just 30 cm tall, the Mojo’s have a habit of repeatedly defying expectations, by projecting a soundstage as big and spacious as large floorstanding loudspeakers. RETAIL $2099 DEMO $1699


Indeed, instead of putting the band in your room, the Mojo’s put you inside the recording venue. Position it with care and you will be repaid with a tangible soundstage that presents music with startling presence..

Compact, Omni-Directional

At just under 12 inches tall this miniscule speaker can really fill a room. The hardwood “lens” provides for perfect 360° dispersion. No need to worry about finicky set up. Easy to hide in any room, but why would you want to?
Mojo bottom view
Full-bodied Sound

A single downward firing 5 ¼” long excursion woofer gives dance party bass lines the muscle they need. Put them on a desk for great nearfield experience or in your great room and call your friends over for a private concert.
Davone Mojo construction (wooden codes, warm fabric)

Come on! They’re Danish. Vacuum formed multi layer laminations provide for an ultra rigid bass reflex enclosure. Proprietary omni-directional system. This speaker isn't just another monkey-coffin. The perfect blend of soft “touch me” fabric and the beautiful contrast of the hardwood begs to be flaunted.
Davone Mojo cone options
Hardwood Options

The Mojo is designed to be seen and felt, with its finish in soft feeling paint, cloth and polished solid wood. Create your own signature style by combining your choice of fabric and hardwood. The acoustic lens material is available in walnut, maple or cherry.
Davone Mojo cone options
Fabric & Style

Fabric choices are light brown, dark brown, white, black, aqua or blue. Any color fabric can be combined with your choice of hardwood lens. Let your imagination run wild with the ability to have a speaker that finally adds to the look of any room. Five colors, five days in a work week... Coincidence?