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Triangle Antal EZ
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The Antal is the key product of in the new ESPRIT EZ series. 1.1 meters tall this 3-way floorstander incorporates the latest TRIANGLE innovations. RETAIL: $2,750 (Walnut or Black Ash); $3,200 (Gloss White, Gloss Black, or Brown Maple).

$2,799 SALE (limited stock in Gloss Black!!)



*$3,200 for White, Black Gloss, and Brown Maple

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High fidelity is above all about the pleasure
of listening to a perfect reproduction of your
favourite tracks. Whether classical, rock, jazz,
hip-hop or electronic music, a great speaker
must excel.
TRIANGLE speakers are extremely versatile
thanks to their high sensitivity and strong
dynamics. The horn-loaded tweeter can relay the
fine, detailed subtleness of a large orchestra’s
string section.
The midrange driver catches and reproduces
all aspects and nuances of emotionally charged
instruments, including the human voice.
The woofer provides deep and tight bass
reproduction, essential for full enjoyment of
rhythmical music, such as hip-hop or electro.
The objective is to express and convey all the
emotions and the musical mastery that went into
the tracks your favourite artists cut in the studio
or on stage.

The ESPRIT Ez - series provides strong versatility
both as a stereo system and as a home theatre
system. Its vigorous performance makes it a
perfect sound system for your television or home
theatre installation.
The centre channel, VOCE Ez, is specifically
designed to maintain the tonal balance in 5.1
configurations and give coherence and realism to
the audio tracks of films and TV-series.
For the rear channels, the range offers options
such as the HEYDA Ez satellites to create the full
360° surround effect, while the subwoofer THETIS
thickens the sound, thereby providing a clear and
deep bass. These products are designed with the
sole objective of placing you at the heart of the