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JansZen zA2.1 Hybrid Electrostatic Loudspeakers

Very compact at only 38" tall, but they project the soundstage of a huge speaker! RETAIL $8,995




Frequency response -- 30 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 3 dB on axis (in room)
Sensitivity -- 87 dB/1W/1m (pink noise)
Power handling -- 25W - 150W RMS/ch/8 Ohm recommended; up to 250W tolerated (500W/4 Ohm)
Impedance -- 6 Ohm nominal, 4 Ohm min., 10 Ohm max.
Peak SPL from pair playing music
108 dB at 4 m [13'] in mid-sized room - 4.5 m x 7.3 m x 3.0 m [15' x 24' x 10']
114 dB at 2.5m [9'] in small room - 3.7 m x 4.9 m x 2.7 m [12' x 16' x 9']
Fully enclosed, not dipoles, eases placement
Listening area
Full spectrum 1 m wide @ 4 m (3.5' wide @ 13')
Very tight vertical dispersion and relatively narrow horizontal dispersion conserves recorded ambience, reduces interaction with the room, and sharpens the soundstage, yet is wide enough to avoid a headphone effect
2.5 way, WTW (Woofer - Tweeter - Woofer) configuration
Woofers above and below ESL array; ESL panels employ half-split-response (1.5 way ESL)
Woofer radiation pattern mates better to ESL array
Reduces room mode coupling and eases placement
Excellent phase alignment for soundstage focus
Vertical image stability
Minimal floor bounce effect
Crossover -- 1st order @ 500 Hz -- far below the disturbance-sensitive hearing region of 1 kHz - 3 kHz; entire midrange and treble carried by the electrostatic elements; minimum phase operation through crossover region
Secondary partial crossover -- 1st order -- limits upper treble from half width of ESL panel -- controls dispersion and flattens response without an electrical rolloff network
Woofer level -- three settings - autoformer maintains damping factor and cone control -- no resistive divider
Intimate Mode -- on-axis seating
Intimate A: +3 dB -- compensates for when speakers are placed far from front wall (or boosts bass a bit near front wall)
Intimate B: 0 dB -- for speaker placement near back wall or more relaxed bass response
Audience Mode: -3 dB -- for off-axis listening; matches woofer level to room diffusion of highs
Tweeter/midrange level setting from normal to -6 dB
ESL panels
Two identical panels in each speaker, mounted in a barometrically isolated sub-enclosure
Vertical array; 18 cm wide x 40 cm high (7"W x 16"H)
Protected by an acoustically transparent barrier
520 square cm [80 square inch] forward radiating area per array
Tough, stable, injection molded, ABS stator frames
66-element, parallel wire, stator electrodes (total of 132 electrode elements per panel)
Unique panel construction and materials are immune to the effects of wide and rapid temperature and humidity swings
Optimal sonic membrane material
Thickness less than 1/15th of a sheet of 20 lb paper -- lighter than the air it is driving
Acts as a virtual air driver with force applied evenly over its whole surface -- no breakup
Properly damped, unlike see-through electrostatics
Introduces absolutely no midrange or treble coloration, and distortion is far below audibility
Will not lose its tension or degrade over time
1.5 way tweeter/mid design controls horizontal dispersion and eliminates electrical EQ network