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Bluesound Vault 2TB

Enjoy high-end audio in more rooms of your home. While there are many streaming speakers in today's audio landscape, Bluesound's multi-room music system focuses on giving you the most from high-resolution audio files!



Bluesound Vault (V500): The Bluesound Vault (V500) provides a convenient way to store and listen to your digital music collection. The Vault provides employs a CD-ripper and 1TB hard-drive to store you CD-Audio music files. It also offers a wired network connection and can act as a NAS drive for storage & playback of digital music files on your Windows or Mac computer. In addition, its network connection lets you access even more music from online music services, such as TuneIn and Rdio. There is even a direct USB input for connection of a USB mass storage class device that contains music files. All of this can be controlled from your Apple iOS or Android device using Bluesound's free control app.

Note: The Vault (V500) needs to be connected to your home's network and the internet in order to access music on your computer, Internet radio stations, and online streaming music services. A paid subscription may be required to access some streaming music or internet radio services. An internet connection is also required for software/hardware updates.

CD-Ripper w/ 1TB Hard-Drive: The Vault's slot-loading CD mechanism can rip an inserted Audio CD directly to its 1TB hard-drive. You can choose to rip your Audio CD music as MP3 or FLAC files.

FLAC (recommended format): High quality compression designed specifically for CD backup purposes. Files are ripped at FLAC level 5 balancing compression and rip speed at full CD lossless levels of 44.1kHz/16-bits. The Vault can store between 2,000 to 2,500 CDs in this format
MP3 (default format): Standard audio compression designed to keep bandwidth low with little degradation. Files are ripped at 320kbps, the highest level of sound quality available to MP3 format. The Vault can store between 8,000 to 10,000 CDs in this format.
Both: For Hi-fidelity quality playback with the ability to export or download to a personal MP3 Player.

Wired Network Connection: The Bluesound Vault is fitted with an Ethernet (RJ-45) jack for a wired connection to your home's network and Internet provider. This network/internet connection allows you to use the Vault as external NAS drive for music on your Windows or Mac computer; plus stream TuneIn and Rdio online music services.

Computer Audio: Thanks to its network connection and 1TB hard-drive, the Vault can act as a NAS drive for digital music stored on your network connected Microsoft Windows (XP/2000/Vista/7) PC or Apple Macintosh OS X computer. You are able to access, rip, and playback the digital audio files that are on your PC or computer via simple drag & drop commands. The device supports MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WMA-L, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, and AIFF music files with bit-rates of 16/24-bit and native sampling rates of 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192kHz.
Online Music Services: The Vault (V500) lets you access select online music services from its wired network connection.
TuneIn: TuneIn is a free online music service that offers over 70,000 Internet radio stations; including music, sports, news, and entertainment. You can listen to local stations or discover new stations from around the world. You are able to search for music by genre (Adult Contemporary, Classical, Country, Reggae, etc.), location (continent and country), and language (English, French, Spanish, etc). You also get access to talk radio and podcasts. In addition, you can save your favorite Internet radio stations as "My Favorites".
Rdio: Rdio is an online digital music with a catalog of 20 million songs and interruptions or advertisements. Rdio makes it easy to find what you're looking for, whether it's an artist, album, song, or a custom playlist. A $10.00 per-month Rdio subscription is required.
Spotify Connect: Through Spotify Connect, you can enjoy over 20 million songs, easily streamed to the Bluesound device through your home network, either via Wi-Fi or Ethernet; with simple control on any iOS or Android device. Requires Spotify app and a premium subscription; firmware and app version 1.10.0 or higher.

USB (Type-A) Input: The Bluesound Vault (V500) features a USB (type-A) port to directly connect your USB mass storage class (MSC) device; such as your Android smartphone, digital music player, thumbdrive, or external hard-drive. The unit's USB port supports music playback from these compatible USB devices formatted in FAT 32. The USB port is not compatible with the direct connection of an Apple iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

Note: There is also a rear-panel mini-USB (type-B) port that is used for service purposes only (not for consumer use). Only authorized service personnel can access this USB port.

Free Control App for iOS & Android: You can download the free Bluesound Remote App from iTunes or GooglePlay in order to use your Apple iOS (5.0+) or Android (2.1+) device to control your digital music files stored in the Vault. You can also search for and listen to online music from TuneIn and rdio. In addition, you are able to create, edit, and retrieve your favorite music playlists. The Bluesound Remote App even provides artist/song/album information and Album Art. The remote app can be used in portrait or landscape mode. There are three main screens; the Center Screen which has the playback controls and source information, the Menu Screen which is swiped in from the left side, and the Players Screen which is swiped in from the right side. Simply pinch, swipe, and tap the screen of your iOS or Android device to make selections. If you have multiple Bluesound devices on the same network, you can use the Bluesound Remote App to control each of them separately. You are able to play the same music track or different music tracks at the same volume or different volume level.

Note: You can also download the free Bluesound Remote App onto your Windows (XP/2000/Vista/7) PC or Mac OSX computer.

Analog & Digital Outputs: The Bluesound Vault contains both an analog RCA stereo output and optical (toslink) digital output to connect the device to your home audio system's integrated amplifier or AV receiver.

External Power Supply: The Bluesound Vault (V500) operates off of standard household current using the supplied external AC power supply and AC power cord.

Input: 100-240V~50/60HZ, 1.5A
Output: 12.0V - 5.0A