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Dynaudio Focus 200 XD Wireless Loudspeaker

This is a Paradigm shift.. A fully powered compact loudspeaker with full blown digital hi-res and analog inputs! DSP correction makes this speaker sound AMAZING!! Just add a Network player like the Moon Mind for $990 and a digital cable like a Nordost Blue heaven $249 and you have a complete hi-res music system.. RETAIL $6999 DEMO (walnut) $4999




Focus XD is a revolutionary active digital loudspeaker concept. Not only does it take digital audio systems to a whole new level, it is a completely new and most innovative way of experiencing Hi-Fi.

It gives you the best of two worlds:
High-resolution high-end sound quality and digital audio convenience and flexibility.

With our Dynaudio XD technology, a new paradigm in digital audio has been achieved. Each Focus XD driver is powered by a precisely matched and DSP-optimized digital amplifier to deliver the most uncompromised audio performance possible.

The Focus XD exudes hand-built Danish quality. By merging Scandinavian design with sophisticated Dynaudio technology, we have created an innovative loudspeaker in which the highest level of sound quality and timeless aesthetics are combined in perfect harmony.

The Focus XD loudspeakers fully embody Dynaudio's no-compromise quality approach, delivering high resolution audio playback with no signal loss, no compression, and no analogue conversion.

The result is an extraordinarily detailed, extremely dynamic, three-dimensional sound that emanates from the loudspeakers' advanced Esotec+ drivers.

Focus 200 XD

The Focus 200 XD, the smallest model in the XD range, is the new reference for the next generation of high-end compact loudspeakers.

Designed to modest dimensions, everything is compact except for their sound.

Each Focus 200 XD incorporates a 300 watt digital amplifier, perfectly optimized to the high-performance woofer and tweeter, allowing them to reproduce sound at the finest level possible.

One will be amazed at the sheer volume, depth and power that this little loudspeaker can put out.

Crafting benchmark-setting high-end compact loudspeakers has become a tradition at Dynaudio; with their exceptionally dynamic, balanced, and bold sound, the Focus 200 XD will set a new, higher standard.

The latest chapter in this story is digital, active, and high-resolution. And with the Focus XD model range offering the option of wireless connectivity, uncompromised high-end sound quality has never been more convenient.

The Speaker Position EQ control of the Dynaudio Focus XD models allows their bass performance to be optimized relative to placement, be it positioned near a wall boundary, in a corner, or free-standing, allowing the speakers to be perfectly integrated into any room.

The Dynaudio Stand 6 loudspeaker stands, which feature a sound-optimizing anti-resonance construction and integrated cable management, serve as the ideal companion to facilitate use of the 200 XD as a freestanding high-end monitor.