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Bel Canto e. One Ref Stream Streamer

High performance asynchronous ultra-low phase noise audio renderer connects your computer or NAS networked music server through ethernet to your audio system. ROON READY!


Asynchronous Ethernet Streaming
With a true Asynchronous interface our Ultra Low Noise Femtosecond Master Clocks control the output jitter from the networked sources. This provides the lowest noise digital source for the system DAC and unprecedented sonic transparency from any source file.

e.One Stream features:

UPnP/ DLNA controller Bel Canto Seek iOS App
Stream Tidal, Qobuz and Vtuner - formats include MQA, PCM, DSD plus USB-A stored files
MQA Core digital output/ MQA full renderer Analog output with custom filters
Level control through Bel Canto Seek app or ROON
Full display shows source, sample rate and codec / Resolution up to 24-Bits, sampling rate up to 192K
Ultra-low phase noise master clocks and bit-perfect data transmission
On-line firmware updates
ROON Ready end-point *