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Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker System

Offering world class accurate sound, not only to audiophiles but to all fans of music! RETAIL: $1,000.

$849 FLOOR SAMPLE (in black)



Single Driver Plus DAC
The Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker System houses a single 8cm (3") driver in each speaker powered by a 20W digital amp. There's also a 24/192 capable DAC, which Eclipse refers to as a Non-Oversampling DAC [footnote 1], as well as 2 asynchronous USB inputs, one Type A and one Type B, a 3.5mm mini analog stereo input, Wi-Fi and AirPlay connectivity. So you can connect your computer via USB and your iOS device either hard wired or via AirPlay and since the TD-M1 has its own Wi-Fi on board, you don't even need to have it connect to your home network.

The ocular-shaped, OK they say egg-shaped but I see an eye, rear-ported speakers come in high gloss white or black and allow three different angles of upward tilt (0°to 14°) to better aim them directly at your ears. Adjusting this angle is simply a matter of pulling down on a lever which resides on the underside of the egg part, making your adjustment, and locking it in place by re-seating the lever. Nice. The right speaker which houses all of the inputs as well as the Wi-Fi antenna and power cord also includes an attached 56" cable that connects to a 3.5mm input in the left speaker. Even wireless speakers need wires.

Device Type: Active Speakers/DAC
Input: Wi-Fi, AirPlay, USB Type B (DAC), USB Type A, 3.5mm analog
Dimensions (W x H x D): 155 x 242 x 219mm
Weight: About 5.3kg/pair