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Cable Pro Reality 5 Power Cable

REALITY power cables are exceptionally quiet, well balanced, and very flexible. They make the listening experience fun by providing a degree of insight into your music and movies that is addictively engaging. If listening pleasure is your goal, the REALITY power cable will be a welcome addition to your system.

$130 and $160

The REALITY 5 power cable has a 5 amp capacity and uses 15 gauge of cryogenically treated Long Grain Oxygen Free Copper conductor material. The cord is terminated with the a Hubbell plug and CablePro IEC jack.

REALITY power cords are configured to reduce noise by rejecting noise entry into the power cord and by eliminating noise radiation from the power cord into nearby components or cables. Adding a single REALITY power cord to your system will reduce noise, but, as you equip your other components with REALITY power cords the background noise is further reduced. Your system is now capable of more expression, it is more engaging, and most importantly, more enjoyable.

We don't think you should have to buy a power cord with more current capability than you really need. REALITY power cords are made in 4 different power levels, 5 amp, 10 amp, 15 amp, and 20 amp. There is a REALITY power cord that is perfect for every application and all REALITY power cables offer a level of transparency usually relegated to much higher priced units. They not only sound great, they are very flexible and easy to work with. Get a REALITY power cord, then just plug, play, and enjoy!

The REALITY 5 power cord has a 5 amp capacity and is designed for source components and systems up to 50 watts/channel.