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Mr Speakers ETHER C w/ DUM Cable

ETHER C is MrSpeakers new flagship closed-backed headphone. ETHER-C is a 100% MrSpeakers design and is built and tested in San Diego, CA. ETHER C breaks new ground in closed planar magnetic headphone comfort and performance. RETAIL $1499 FLOOR SAMPLE $1299


On the comfort side, it uses our award-winning Nitinol headband to achieve ultra-light weight and incredible comfort, and the ultra-rigid carbon fiber cups add only 1/2 ounce (~12 grams) to the headphone’s weight. On the performance side, ultra-rigid carbon fiber cups deliver unrivaled “open” sound in a closed headphone.

This version of ETHER C includes our standard cable. The standard cable is made using Canarre Quad Star microphone cable, and provides a quality listening experience at an affordable price. Please be aware that ETHER-C was voiced using our premium DUM cable, and for best results we do suggest this for your consideration, especially if you have higher-end portable or home equipment. .

Additional Information
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 6 in
Alpha Prime Cables

1/4″ Cable, 10′ 1/4″ Cable, 2.5mm Balanced, 3.5mm Cable, RSA/ALO Cable, XLR 4-Pin Cable