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Devialet Le900 L’Original d’Atelier Integrated Amplifier/DAC/Streamer*

This is a Limited Edition Reference System! ONLY 100 UNITS WORLDWIDE! NOW UPGRADED TO FULL EXPERT 1000 PRO PERFORMANCE!! FULLY UPDATED in 2018!!


L’Original d’Atelier is here to celebrate 5 years of Devialet’s Expert series. A quick recap: each Expert unit is a super-stylish all-in-one-device that takes care of network streaming, D/A conversion, pre/amplification. Just add loudspeakers. And perhaps a turntable. All Expert models feature in-built phono staging.

To accommodate Devialet’s loudspeaker-correcting SAM DSP and volume attenuation the intestines are an all digital affair. Digital inputs remain digital and all analogue inputs are converted to 24bit/192kHz PCM upon arrival. If that offends your analogue-or-die sensibilities, consider the possibility that you’ll gain far more from Devialet’s speaker-correcting SAM DSP than ever you’d (theoretically) lose through the two-step dance of ADC and DAC.

Conversely, Devialet’s amplification isn’t (strictly) digital. ADH = Analogue Digital Hybrid. Acting as a voltage amplifier and serving up the first 1.5 watts of power, a Class A output stage handles the music portion of the loudspeaker output signal. Providing more robust drive to the loudspeaker is the parallel-running Class D section. This all takes place in the 10cm path between D/A converter and binding posts. Devialet’s show demo party trick is to remove the Class D module and watch the music play on.

Everything Expert is made in France across three different factories. The first fabricates the extruded aluminium casework, the second is charged with polishing the aluminium and the third handles boards manufacturer and assembly.

The Expert range comprises four models: Le 120 and Le 200 are single units whilst Le 400 and Le 800 are dual mono packages.

Bringing the Expert model count up to five for a limited time is the rose gold finished L’Original d’Atelier, essentially a souped up Expert 800. On the inside, an updated Class D board and enhanced Class A section put more power on tap – 900wpc – whilst the pure copper base plate and a doubling of the internals’ “Gap pad” blue gum improve heat dissipation.

Know that L’Original D’Atelier won’t be around for long. Devialet intend to manufacturer a mere 100 pieces for which international allocation has the potential to strain distributor relations in some parts of the world. Once they’re gone they’re gone for good.