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GamuT Superior RS5i

The RS Series is born out of the simple philosophy of looking at performance without sacrifice by cost or other implications. RETAIL: $34,000 (in ruby). TONEAudio Magazine 2015 Loudspeaker of the Year!!

$24,999 FLOOR SAMPLE (in Ruby finish)


+$2K per pair for IVORY, RUBY, OR MAROON

With the RS series we have created a line of acoustic transducers that relays the true character and harmonic structure of voices, instruments and the recording environment, in a degree never experienced before, Truly Extraordinary.

The Superior RS5

21 individual layers of various wood type and thickness21 individual layers of various wood type and thickness

Crafted for medium-sized and larger rooms, the RS5’s 2-1/2 way floorstanding design increases bass output compared to the smaller RS3 to provide more accurate bass weight in larger listening spaces.

The low frequency bass driver is an entirely newconstruction: with a woodfibre cone, that is dynamically optimized with a new solid wood dust cap. This stiffens the cone and ensures perfect piston-like action across the driver’s entire frequency range. The bass/midrange driver is a sliced paper cone woofer, treated with a selected blend of oils, effectively removing any remaining ‘paper’ sounds, resulting in a clearer and more natural midrange reproduction.

GamuT S-Series’ was originally released in 2007 and at that point scaled new heights in musicality relaying the true character and harmonic structure of voices, instruments and the recording environment to an astonishing degree.

The RS series is based on the same principles and the design is very similar. But almost every detail has been changed to create a series of speakers that is even better at doing what the S-series did fantastic!

Revised enclosures, internal network, damping and drivers

Externally, the RS-Series cabinets look almost identical to their predecessors. But the enclosures, internal networks, damping and the drivers are all new. The new curved enclosures consist of 21 individual layers of real wood. This enclosure eliminates distorting resonances and delivers more natural harmonics and a greater 3-dimensional soundstage, while retaining natural tonal balance.

Wormhole cables and reduction in damping

All internal cables are now Gamut’s own Wormhole Signatures: Again, this improvement led to all new internal damping, resulting in a 50% reduction in damping materials while maintaining an optimum damping level.

New drivers

A new wood-fiber cone bass driver and new midrange driver with a new crossover made the transformation complete. The overall effect is stunning micro- and macro dynamics, natural midrange reproduction with a precise and detailed bass.

Enclosure type: Impulse optimized Bass Reflex
Enclosure build: 21 individual layers of various wood type and thickness
Port Openings: 2 x 5 mm solid aluminium, optimized flow, anti resonance coupled to the enclosure
Woofer: 1 x 7" Wood fiber cone, with GamuT Wooden dust cap for optimal piston-like action, and impulse behavior
Mid/Woofer: 1 x 7” Sliced Paper cone, impregnated with a special blend of natural oils
Tweeter: 1,5" impulse and resonance optimized Double ring radiator,
Principle 2 1/2 -way
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal
Crossover point: 550 & 2250 Hz
Sensitivity: 88.5dB/2.83V
Frequency response: 26Hz -60 kHz
Dimensions: 1210mm (H) 226mm (W) 575mm (D)
Weight: 54 kg