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GamuT D200i Stereo Power Amplifier

The D200i moves the performance to new heights using GamuT's latest technological breakthroughs. The D200i will blow your mind with its ability to reproduce music as fluent and beautiful as in nature. RETAIL $13990 DEMO (Silver) $11490

$9,799 FLOOR SAMPLE (in silver)


The Naturally Balanced Power Supply, that practically eliminates noise, and the GamuT WormHole Wires that optimizes dynamic contrast by eliminating stored

energy effects. Both essential parts of the development of the new D200i and developed for our monstrous GamuT RS380M reference amplifier.

On top of this the D200 is adjusted for more maximum current output, and the electric circuitry has been fine tuned for even more delicate reproduction. GamuT Power amplifiers are special creatures by their unique use of a single UltraFast High Current MOSFET Output Device. They combine the fluidness and delicacy of class A Tube amplifiers with the power and control potential of the solid statedesign.


Output power 8 ohm 2 x 200 watt
Output power 4 ohm 2 x 400 watt
Output power 2 ohm 2 x 698 watt
Frequency response 5 Hz - 100KHz
Weight 34 kg