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Naim Nait XS Integrated Amplifier

BRILLIANT NAIM NAIT XS1 (No Headphone Out) for the same price of a new Nait 5 si!


Although the NAIT XS benefits from an optimised, shortened and simplified signal path, this isn't the only performance-enhancing feature it enjoys.

The design is the first to employ Naim's newly developed bayonet PCB mounting technique, which permits the board to 'float', reducing microphonic effects. Furthermore, the heatsink is castellated to provide maximum cooling for reliability, enhanced dynamic performance and to reduce the capacitance effects of a small number of longer PCB tracks.

Naim has been aware of the problems caused by vibration creeping inside its electronics for some time, and the XS includes features specifically designed to reduce it. That's why, for example, the mains switch and IEC socket on the rear panel are also allowed to float and aren't immovably attached to the chassis.

This controlled freedom reduces air- and structure-borne vibration entering the amplifier through the mains cable. Many detailed aspects of the construction of this amplifier might sound far-fetched to a cynic, but each has undergone stringent listening tests to demonstrate its validity and justify its inclusion in the design.