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Zesto Audio Andros PS1 tube phonostage

Brand New Andros PS1 for a Deal!! RETAIL $3900

$2900 USED (sealed box unit)

"A hundred shy of four grand is nobody’s idea of a bargain for a stand- alone phonostage. But having been privileged to hear—at extended length in systems and surroundings with which I am intimately familiar—phono preamps costing tens of thousands of dollars that I would not choose over the PS1, I have no hesitation judging it to be worth its asking price, particularly when you factor in economy of scale, its domestic origin, its quality of parts, and its hand-built craftsmanship. The last thing I played before wrapping up this review was an old Musical Heritage Society recording called Christmas at Colorado State University, featuring the university’s (I assume) student choir and chamber orchestra and also its glorious Casavant Organ, widely recognized as one of the world’s greatest. The program opens with a powerful rendition for organ alone of Adeste Fidelis, which gives way to the chamber choir singing a cappella the French children’s carol “Il Est Né” (“He is Born”), and oh my, the way they sing it: with sweetness, innocence, and purity of tone, as befits the lovely melody and the lyrics, sounding out from medium distance, at once focused yet utterly open and radiantly clear. The music, the performance, the recording, and the reproduction were so beautiful that I played the cut three times before returning to the task of finishing my review."
PAUL SEYDOR (The Absolute Sound)

Inputs: Moving magnet and moving coil
Noise: -75dB
MC stage: Transformer
Tube complement: Four JJ ECC 83S/12AX7
Frequency response: +/-0.5dB referenced to the RIAA curve
Dimensions: 17" x 5" x 12"
Weight: 20 lbs.