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Triangle Gaia EZ

The Gaia Ez is a 3-way compact floorstander with three 5" drivers. It's compact design (96cm x 17cm) makes it a perfect fit for all rooms. Being discrete & elegant, combined with powerful musical qualities makes the Gaia Ez the automatic choice for many of our music lovers. RETAIL: $2,150.

*$1,799 SALE! (open box Black Ash, only 1 pair left!!)


*$1,799 SALE on Black Ash, stock only!
*$2,150 - standard retail for walnut, black ash
*$2,399 for Gloss White or Black

TRIANGLE strives hard to give each new generation of loudspeakers a distinctive musicality, created by using materials of the highest quality. 35 years of experience have forged a unique sound expertise that provides extraordinary sonic realism and details.

ESPRIT Ez is the genuine materialization of TRIANGLE’s philosophy: it offers music lovers an uncompromising, dynamic and living sound, which conveys all the finesse and beauty of any musical composition.

Rediscover your first musical sensations and pleasure - and be astounded by the enjoyment delivered by the new ESPRIT Ez.

ESPRIT features a sleek design that compliments the excellent sound. The loud speakers’ clean and sharp lines are underscored by aluminium trims with concealed screws.

The floorstanders sit on a glass pedestal with adaptable spikes. The ESPRIT Ez speakers are desirable and aesthetic objects that fit in perfectly into your home environment.

The latest ESPRIT creation features a major breakthrough in mid-range driver technology, which creates an astonishing delivery of sound.

The mid-range driver, the key element of loudspeaker, reproduces the frequencies most audible to the human ear especially the lead vocal of your favourite tracks.

key points

Tweeter TZ2500B with titanium dome
Midrange driver membrane made of natural cellulose
Woofers with fibreglass membranes
Glass pedestal mounted with spikes or rubber pads
Brushed Aluminium Termina