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BHK Signature Pre-Amplifier (tube hybrid)

This is a Brilliant American made 2 channel preamp! A great match for PSAudio Amps but also a Great match for most amps! RETAIL: $6,000.

$5,099 FLOOR SAMPLE (in black)


Preamplifiers are the the heart of any high-end music system controlling input selection, the critical first amplification stage, volume and balance functions, and the all important electrical isolation between sources and power amplifiers. Place the BHK Signature Preamplifier between your musical sources, such as a phono preamp, DAC, tuner or auxiliary source–and your power amplifier–and magic happens. Suddenly you are enveloped in a wealth of musicality you’ve not yet experienced: deeper, wider soundstaging, improved separation of instruments and voices, Subterranean bass, extended highs, and an openness you have yet to experience without this instrument in the system.

Zero-loss vacuum tube input stage
User accessible switch allows both 12 volt and 6 volt tubes to be used
Differentially coupled balanced MOSFET output stage
All through hole construction (no surface mount parts)
PRP resistors in signal path
5 RCA Single ended inputs
5 XLR balanced inputs
Single ended and balanced outputs
Single ended and balanced outputs can be used together or separate
Fully balanced input to output
High current oversized power transformer
Fully regulated power supplies using BHK designed MOSFET discrete voltage regulators
Full BHK designed zero feedback, discrete MOSFET headphone stage
Remote control
Front panel standby button for vacuum tube stage
-3dB greater than 200kHz
Volume and balance through a revolutionary new combination of gain and attenuation control
Two output DC control triggers
Easy access to tubes if you want to roll with different ones
Each input can be configured as a HT bypass