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iFi SPDIF iPurifier

Instantly and affordably improve the sound of high-end CD players, soundcards, Apple TV, Netflix, YouTube, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Google Chromecast, 4K Smart TV, and more with the ingenious iFi SPDIF iPurifier Power Conditioner! RETAIL: $149.

$135 SALE! (limited stock only!)

The aforementioned media platforms all use SPDIF as the main digital audio output. In almost all circumstances, this critical audio signal suffers from low-quality transmission and an abundance of jitter. SPDIF iPurifier changes that by running the SPDIF signal through four comprehensive stages (isolate, regenerate, memory buffer, re-clock) to achieve a fully restored, jitter-free result. You'll hear greater dynamic contrast, enhanced resolution, greater warmth, and sharper detail. Better still, SPDIF iPurifier works with audio sent via Toslink and digital cables – and on practically any SPDIF source, including DACs. And yes, it can output both SPDIF and optical at the same time, which means you can connect to it two devices at once! Moreover, this magical genie doubles as a coax SPDIF-to-optical converter.

SPDIF iPurifier also ensures a bit-perfect transfer up to 24-bit/192kHz as week as DTS and Dolby Digital. And since coax and Toslink lack native power delivery, SPDIF iPurifier even comes with iFi's $49 5V DC iPower supply to provide dead-quiet operation. Speaking of no noise: SPDIF iPurifier reduces 50,000 pico-second jitter on most SPDIF sources to 5. Yes, five. iFi has indeed thought of everything with the all-aluminum SPDIF iPurifier. Add one anywhere you have SPDIF audio output, clean up that chain, and enjoy significantly better sound from your popular devices and platforms. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed!

Bit-Perfect Transfer Up to 24-Bit/192kHz, Galvanic Isolation
Comprised of 53 individual components, including two separate PCBs mil-spec'd and packed with advanced technology, SPDIF iPurifier ensures a bit-perfect transfer. It can handle 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz, 16- to 24-bit, DSD/DoP, and even Dolby Digital and DTS. SPDIF iPurifier has co-axial/optical input and co-axial/optical output. It also has galvanic isolation, which converts a signal from one form to another and discards spurious noise. This is a major factor behind SPDIF iPurifier's ability to stop noise contaminating the signal.

Global Master Timing and Memory Buffer System Solve Jitter Problems
The Global Master Timing (GMT)/Memory Buffer System represents an out-of-the-box systematic digital solution that solves the digital SPDIF jitter issue. SPDIF iPurifier's Intelligent Memory System holds a large number of complete audio samples, so it may completely absorb a large amount of variation (jitter and drift) in the incoming signal while still sending out data at a fixed and precise clock rate, regardless of variations in the incoming clock. Central to the GMT clock system is the ultra-low jitter, quartz-driven clock system (<300 femto second crystal) capable of producing millions of different frequencies with a precision of better than 0.001Hz. If the frequency shifts from 192,000.002Hz to 192,000.003Hz over a period of minutes (drift), the GMT clock will intelligently and precisely track the change.