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Audio Deva Atmo Sfera™ Hi-End Edition w/ Ortofon Bronze Cartridge

This is the Super Cool Platterless Turntable from Italy! Called the Atmo because it almost resembles Saturn and it's rings in motion, this table will be the conversation piece of your high-end system! They have reduced vibration inherent in the platter by quite simply doing away with a platter! And it looks cool while doing it! RETAIL: $3,999.

$2,499 USED

The Atmo Sfera™ Turntable is designed primarily for being a beautiful piece of design and is fully designed around a small circle (the design originator), with the diameter of an LP label. This give to Atmo Sfera™ a shape directly related to its function. The result of such design harmony is a fascinating mixture of old and new that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

The “music” in itself doesn't exist in nature, it is a fully sensorial experience, like recognizing a beautiful shape with the eye. The only difference between enjoying music and enjoying a design masterpiece is the speed of informations that reach the brain. Atmo Sfera™ tries to mix this two different but conceptually similar sensations in a unique experience; it is not only an audiophile turntable, it is even more: a sensation enhancer!

The Platterless Secret

As previously stated we didn't create a platterless turntable for the sake of the platterless design, but the creation of the platterless design was a side effect of creating a beautiful turntable.

The Atmo Sfera™ shape is not, however, primarily dictated by the designer's taste, but it is ruled by the technical and sonic features we had in mind.

The first design rule of a mechanical or electrical engineer should be: if it is made of an elastic material, it stores energy...

...and the second rule is: if it stores energy, it releases such energy, sooner or later.

The not controlled energy, stored and released, causes blurriness or ugliness of sound, in an average turntable.

The audiophiles use to chat about mass when they describe a turntable, but the concept of (huge) mass in a turntable is completely meaningless, unless you consider also how this mass is distributed.

The audiophiles also use to talk about damping; damping is a magic word, for the average audiophile, but damping actually means spreading the stored energy of the physical body all around the audio spectrum, with horrible results.

So, why Atmo Sfera™ is different: we are well aware of the elastic behaviour of every man-made turntable, so we choose to put all “resonances” (the effects of the energy release) in a part of the audio band in which they cannot be very harmful.

First thing first: we chose to made the entire Atmo Sfera™ body in Anticorodal® aluminium; aluminium is stiff and has a pretty isotropic structure; the behaviour of the aluminium is fully predictable. The secret of seasoned engineers is to work, as much as possible, in a linear and predictable environment.

Second, but very important, issue: the shape of the turntable base and of the LP disc support are designed to show a series of natural vibration modes very far from the audio band or from the vinyl resonances.

Take, for example, the small reverse cup that holds the vinyl record: the cup and the record press device form a hemisphere, that is a solid with controlled and predictable vibration modes.