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Dynaudio Contour C25

The one for movie lovers: defined, potent, coherent... (Available in Walnut, Gloss White and Gloss Black - and for a 15% upcharge, Gloss Rosewood or Gloss Grey Walnut)



Itís been said that sound accounts for as much as 80 per cent of the moviegoing experience. And we canít argue with that (musicals, especially, donít have quite the same impact with the volume set to zero).

Thatís why we created the Contour 25C centre-channel. Mix and match it with a combination of Contour 20s, 30s and 60s for a seamlessly integrated multichannel system Ė a system on which you know youíll be able to enjoy stereo music as much as you will a teeth-rattling blockbuster.

Why? Because itís essentially a Contour 30 turned on its side, with the tweeter moved to the middle. The super-detailed Esotar2 soft-dome unit is flanked by a pair of 18cm MSP drivers Ė all of which use the same high-end lightweight aluminium voice-coils and magnetic ferrofluid technology as the rest of the Contour range.

Our loudspeakers are used in music and movie production studios all over the world Ė so we know how crucial it is to reproduce multichannel sound to its fullest potential (you should come to Movie Night at Dynaudio HQ. Itís amazing ... but youíll have to be able to speak Danish).

And if youíre investing time in watching a movie (or even a TV show), you want that experience to be as clear, dynamic, assured and powerful as it can be. Most of the speech information comes out of the centre-channel, which is why the Contour 25Cís combination of legendary materials and balanced, neutral sound is so ideal.

Thatís why the Contour 25C doesnít compromise. All the knowledge, care and enthusiasm that goes into our upright speakers is here, too. The finish is furniture-grade; the materials top-quality (weíve even redesigned the baskets that hold the drivers in the cabinets Ė and yes, we know you canít see them; we wanted to do it anyway).

If you want a companion or an upgrade for your existing Dynaudio system, this is it.