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Alta Audio Celesta FRM-2

This is truly a Unique loudspeaker..For those who love Resolution but also Bass in a compact monitor there is no equal!



The Alta Audio Celesta FRM-2 Full Range Monitor is a jewel of audiophile loudspeaker engineering and design housed in an ultra hard ultra high gloss polyester finished cabinet featuring both modern and retro design elements. While its aesthetic beauty is obvious, its engineering is the culmination of 35 years of loudspeaker design expertise guiding a 2 year research and development project. The speaker incorporates the latest state of the art components in a new cabinet featuring DampHard: a multi density layered construction which presents a hard surface externally, while damping out unwanted resonances. The result is a clean silent background on which the fine details of the music are evident. Our custom designed drivers produce exceptionally fast, clean, powerful, and deep bass thanks to the use of our proprietary Alta XTL bass tuning system which gives this monitor speaker bass you would expect from a full sized reference speaker.

Internally, the speaker uses the highest grade silver foil capacitors and extra large Litz wire inductors with ten gauge deoxygenated copper wire in a special configuration that gently blends the drivers with such accuracy that vocal and instrumental details are presented with remarkable clarity, and the natural timbre of the music is preserved. The elimination of diffraction distortion combined with the accuracy of the crossover creates a huge listening window; the speakers disappear and are replaced with a clear three dimensional image of the instruments and vocals along with the space in which the music was performed.

From the first prototype through the many steps to the beta level production unit one thing was kept in mind: the sound of live music. Live to recorded comparisons were used throughout the process of design for fine tuning the sound of the Alta Celesta FRM-2. That is our reference, and what these speakers were designed to recreate.