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Focal Big Bird Complete System

Monitors, sub, and amp all for an unbeatable price! RETAIL: $1,499.

$849 Floor Sample

"Lifestyle is not a four-letter word, but you wouldn't know that by talking to an audiophile. The term lifestyle is often applied to audio and video products aimed at appealing to - ahem - everyday women, which any true believer (aka an audiophile) will tell you is sacrilege. But what is a lifestyle product really? Is it not a product aimed at providing the maximum level of performance with the minimum amount of fuss? While true believers will argue there's no such thing as maximum performance when talking about a lifestyle product, the truth of it is, the aspect audiophiles fear most is the no-fuss part. You see, part of being an audiophile, or any enthusiast for that matter, is that you get to nerd out or feel superior because you and maybe a few others are the only ones who "get it." It's true, because if performance were truly everything, then a product such as the Focal Bird 2.1 System reviewed here would be all the audiophile goodness any reasonable person needs. But audiophilia isn't about being reasonable; it's about being right. Well if my time spent with and subsequent enjoyment of Focal's diminutive Bird 2.1 system is wrong in the eyes of audiophiles everywhere, then I don't want to be right."

- Hometheaterreview.com