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Alta Audio Titanium Hestia

These cleverly-designed reference floorstanders from Alta Audio utilize an open-baffle design as well as front-ported bass ports to convey a very lifelike, expressive, and powerful sound. Lively and musical detail is paired with a hefty and extended low-end to create quite a deft and impressive full-range speaker!




Design Philosophy and Special Features

There are several unique design points of the Titanium Hestia.

First, it is in our Titanium series of the Alta Statement line. Therefore all of the formers (bobbins) are made of titanium for smoother more extended dynamics, power handling, and frequency response. Titanium’s added stiffness also allows for a larger voice coil. The midrange voice coils are 3 inch and the woofer voice coils are 5.1 inch. Titanium is an expensive and difficult material to work with, but well worth it for the increase in quality and performance.

Also, the Hestia’s drivers are in what we call a “Dipolito” configuration. In a D’Appolito configuration a midrange is place above and below the tweeter to create a unified wideband pulse response that most closely mimics the original sound pulse. In our configuration there are two 7 inch midranges below and one 6 inch midrange above the ribbon tweeter. In the crossover passband with the tweeter. The output of the two lower midranges matches the output of the single 6 inch midrange above the tweeter, thus creating a unified pulse, but in the woofer crossover passband the two 7 inch lower midranges have the extended lower midrange and bass response needed to meld seamlessly into the woofer. The midranges are also in a Dipole open baffle configuration. This setup gives a larger more palpable feeling of stage size with the higher midrange driver casting images realistically high and clear. Blending in the pinpoint accuracy of the monopole ribbon tweeter keeps the individual images from becoming diffuse or bloated and lays them out realistically on the sound stage.

The crossover design is managed to smoothly blend the monopole sub bass and high frequencies to match the Dipolito midranges in their open and dynamic sound.

This is in addition to our use of DampHard on all sides and the baffle face, which creates a sonically black background on which fine details are easily heard, and our XTL transmission line base for exceptional bass extension and control.

Our Tweeter: The ribbon tweeter in the Titanium Hestia is simply the fastest, smoothest, most open tweeter we have tested in 40 years of testing. The magnet assembly is so powerful they must be shipped with tweeter guards to prevent any magnetic metal from being pulled in.

The woofer is tuned into our Alta XTL tuning for fast extended bass response.

The tweeter uses amorphous core transformers with an extremely powerful magnet structure to produce a nearly perfect impulse response making them both smooth and dynamic.

The crossovers use 10 and 12 gauge Litz coils and silver foil capacitors.

The internal wiring is 10 gauge .

Exceptional Ribbon Tweeter

A ribbon tweeter unlike any other; the ribbon tweeter is the best performing tweeter we’ve ever heard. Custom built to our specifications its clarity and dynamics are unmatched. The Titanium Hestia centers this exceptional ribbon tweeter between the upper midrange and lower midranges creating a unified pulse and extending the high-end over an octave above the scope of human hearing.

Custom designed ribbon tweeter
Extremely clear, fast, flat high-end response
Extends over an octave above the scope of human hearing
Smooth Open Amorphous Core Transformers

Dynamic Upper Midrange

Our upper midranges are open backed giving smooth unimpeded midrange detail.

Carbon fiber/Rohacell composite cone for enhanced midrange detail
3″ Large Hexatech™ Aluminum underhung VC
Titanium coil bobbin
Hybrid™ Neodymium/Ferrite magnet system
Uniflow™ Aluminum diecast chassis
High power handling
Wide range of operation

Powerful Lower Midranges

Our lower midrange sets a new standard of performance.

Aluminum diecast chassis
Neodymium magnet system
Titanium coil bobbin
3″ Large Aluminum voice coil
Coppersleeve Motor
High power handling

Deep Clarity Bass Woofer

Tuned into our Alta XTL system for fast extended bass response, our woofers go below the human hearing range to play even the lowest notes from the largest pipe organs clearly and without distortion.

Uniflow™ Aluminum diecast chassis
High flux double Ferrite magnet system
Coppersleeve Neolin Motor
5.1″ Large Hexatech™ Aluminum voice coil
Titanium coil bobbin
One piece paper cone/center dome
Accucenter™ self centering cone assembly

All our cabinets are specially designed with our proprietary sonic geometry, making our cabinets themselves musical instruments that boost the bass of our speakers while delivering unparalleled clarity and speed.

Our proprietary multi-layer, multi-density cabinet material dampens resonance at all frequencies. With a cabinet dead of resonance the speaker fades into the music creating clear, open, and dimensional sound reproduction.

Driver complement:
1 Titanium former 10 inch Woofer in Alta XTL bass tuning
2 Titanium former 7 inch lower midranges
1 Hex cone titanium former 6 inch upper midrange
1 Amorphous core high output ribbon tweeter

Sensitivity: 90 dB / 2.83 Volts @ 1Meter

Frequency response: 28Hz to 47kHz

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Requirements: Minimum 50 to 400 Watts, Can be Bi-wired, or Bi-amped

Configuration: Open backed Dipolito