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Naim AV2 A/V Pre-Amplifier

This A/V pre-amplifier from Naim would be a great fit in any system, from home theater to stereo, with a plethora of input and control options at a great price! RETAIL: $5,000.

$499 USED

Our low-vibration, cast and machined aluminium chassis and cover house this exciting Naim AV component. Microphonic degradation of sound quality is greatly reduced by our Naim low-energy-transfer feet system and unique decoupling pillars for circuit board mounting.

Integrated Power Supply: The integrated power supply uses a custom design toroidal transformer with separate analogue and digital windings and additional screening which reduces RFI from the mains supply.

Time Aligned Analogue Filter Circuitry: Designed and used in our state of the art pre-amplifier designs, TAC (Time Aligned Analogue Filter Circuitry) is used within the AV2 and features high grade, close tolerance Polystyrene capacitors and metal film resistors.

VIPS: Versatile Input Switching means that inputs 1 and 2 can be used as multichannel inputs for use with systems such as SACD or DVDA or as additional analogue inputs via Naim’s common ground DIN socketry.

The AV2 is fully compatible with Dolby Digital Decoding, Dolby Pro Logic, DTS and DTS-ES. At the moment ProLogic2 and DTS-ES are upgrades.

7.1 multi-channel input: VIP- to connect an additional external 7.1 channel decoder, DVDA,SACD or further future formats. Or Input Stereo Pre-amp Mode so that the AV2 can be used in a stand-alone stereo system as well as an AV decoder.

Six Stereo Analogue Inputs: 3 DIN and 3 RCA PLUS a tape loop.

Four Digital inputs: 2 coax and 2 optical which can support PCM, AC-31 and DTS with true 24-bit/96kHz performance.

Three Digital Record Outputs: 2 coax and 1 optical.

RS232 Port for upgrades or for configuration into multi-room systems.

RC5 input for multi-room applications.

VSwitch Port for connection to Naim’s VS1 video switching and on-screen display controller.

Digitally Controlled Volume: All outputs can be independently controlled making set-up user friendly.

Digitally Controlled Bass Management: If a sub is not being used the software builds a “virtual subwoofer channel” and adds this channel to the front channels.

Programmable Input Selection: all inputs can be associated to a source type, i.e. DVD, CD, or TUNER etc. This enables the processor to select the relevant decoding required. If the source is video as well as audio the AV2 will instruct the video switch to automatically select the relevant input.

Separate A-D and D-A converters using state of the art 128x over sampling which are equipped to handle 24 bit 96 khz music and movie sound.

LED Display technology to minimise electrical noise: as with Naim CD players the display can be turned off for better sound quality. If the AV2 is connected to the VS1 video switcher the display information is presented on your screen.

On-screen Display via Naim VS1 video switch unit.

Future-proof due to full software upgrade design track.