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Bard Three Streaming Amplifier/DAC

A nifty device that streamlines music listening to a previously unheard of level! Combining an amp/DAC and streaming module, the Bard Three connects directly to a wall-socket, and can power speakers and stream hi-fi music straight from there! A no-fuss and simple way to listen! RETAIL: $1,300.

$399 USED

So what is it?
The ultimate in simplicity and wire free high end audio, the Bardthree solves all your wiring problems and sounds as good as your high end separates.
Just plug your Bardthree module into your wall power socket connect your speakers and receive music from your Bardone or Bard USB transmitter. Your hi-fi can not only sound good but also be almost invisible.

How does it work?
Plug the BardOne Tx into the music source be it a CD player, a radio or PC using Bard USB or via phono leads.
Plug the Bardthree into a mains socket, and connect your speaker cables to the unit. Set both the Tx and Rx modules to the same channel (up to 8 stereo to choose from). Press play on the music source. Enjoy the music.

Multi-room, multi-zone.
For every extra zone, simply add one Bardthree and a pair of speakers... no hassle!

Eight Stereo Channels.
Like all Bard systems, there are eight stereo digital channels to choose from, so in principle you can have eight stereo music sources transmitting. Just set your Bardthree module to the channel you want and listen.

-Digital wireless transmission for high end sound quality.
-Up to 8 zones of stereo CD quality sound.
-Universal power supply (100-250V a.c.)
-25watts per channel r.m.s into 4ohms high end digital amplifier.
-Triple protection circuitry.
-Receive channel number, valid signal and protection warning display.
-Channel selectable via push button or DIP switch.
-Stereo volume control.
-Sleep mode when no signals received.
-Suitable for multi room installations.
-Operating Frequency of ISM band 2.4-2.4835GHz.
-Avoids reception errors by employing forward error correction.
-Omni directional Embedded antenna.
-This minature powerhouse measures 120x65x65, and that's in millimeters!