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Mundorf MA30

These bookshelf loudspeakers are quite incredible for the price point. They were "kit" speakers, or ones assembled at home, but unlike many kit speakers, the components are incredibly refined and at a quality level to fit right at home in high-end systems. And heck, we've done that part for you! Owned and assembled by the shop owner, to say they've been done right and taken care of would be an understatement! RETAIL: $3,000.

$1,999 USED (Black)

"I could go on and on about how much these speakers impressed me, but I think I have made my point. Speakers are a very personal choice and have the power to make or break a great home system. The Mundorf MA30 Anniversary SilverGold speakers are, to my ears, an engineering marvel. When either purchased as a kit or fully assembled, to my knowledge there are no speakers that deliver the sheer likeability, musicality, and tonality that these do at anywhere near their asking price. I would like to thank Mr. Simon Au for the opportunity to experience the Mundorf MA30 SilverGold Speakers. They are indeed a magnificent two-way monitor and a must listen if you are in the market for a stand-mount speaker.

Highly recommended."

from Dan Rubin at dagogo.com


Frequency Range: 48Hz – 30kHz
MA30 SilverGold Kit Includes:

2 pcs. AMT19CM1.1 Tweeter

2 pcs. ACCUTON C158-8-085 Ceramic Woofer

2 pcs. Frequency-X-overs Matched Pair