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Audiovector SR 3 Avantgarde Arrete

These stunning totemic floorstanders have a wondrous and lively presence, full of detail and jaw-dropping dynamics. We have been incredibly impressed with all the offerings from this remarkable Danish company, come listen to the SR 3's soon and see why they just might be the perfect fit for your system! This pair in particular is a b-stock with a small blemish, but are a great deal at this price! RETAIL: $10,299.

$8,749 (B-Stock, in High Gloss Rosewood)



When the Avantgarde was first designed, it was based on a Signature model. The possibility of using an Air Motion Transformer in a totally new guise was no less than a revolution: One driver with a range from 2900 Hz to over 50.000 Hz!

This was a dream come true. Instead of using a supertweeter with all the phase problems this causes, Ole Klifoth and his team could go all the way with one single driver. However, new research into the speed of a new midrange driver and cross-over was necessary to obtain a seamless transition from midrange to tweeter.


A new midrange with an unfiltered response up to 10.000 Hz was designed. With Audiovector’s own Air Motion Transformer, the Avantgarde tweeter – totally no- compression and used in a 30% rear firing SEC configuration – the pair form a very fast, very transparent, electrostatic like (but much more dynamic ) reproduction, which makes the best of every kind of music you present it to.

The SR 3 Super, and the SR 3 Signature can be upgraded to SR 3 Avantgarde, and they can all be upgraded to SR 3 Avantgarde Arreté.

Tweeter type Avantgarde Airmotion Transformer
SEC Treble System Yes
Non Parallel Surfaces Yes
2nd. gen. DFF Cross-over Yes
2nd gen. ARA Filter Yes
Frequency Range -6dB 26-52 kHz
Sensitivity (8 Ohm) 91.5 dB
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω
X-over Frequencies 240/2900
Power Handling 300
Height / Width / Depth ( cm ) 103x19x33