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Naim Audio Stack (NAC 112, NAP 150 & Flatcap 2)

We have a very special used 3-part system from Naim! Complete with a preamp (NAC 112), and upgraded power supply for the preamp (Flatcap 2), and a power amp (NAP 150), this is a really superb buy that will drastically outperform anything else around this price point! The benefits of separates are that you have purpose-built electronics suited for each part of the system, letting them optimize their specific job while also isolated the rest from noise and crosstalk! Furthermore, the upgraded power supply greatly lowers the noise floor and thus increases detail in the preamp! A true gem for the savvy buyer. RETAIL: $4,100.

$2,299 USED

All three pieces are in exceptional working and cosmetic condition. Trust us - this is a buy you shall not regret!

Specifications for NAC 112

Line input sensitivities 75mV, 100k
Overload margin (all inputs, all audio frequencies) 35dB
Main output level 0.775V, <50
Tape output level 75mV, 600
Case size (H x W x D) 58.4 x 432 x 301mm

Specifications for NAP 150

Power output continuous [8 Ohm] 50 Watts
Voltage gain + 29 dB
Input impedance 18 kOhm
Frequency response -3dB @ 5Hz & 40kHz
Mains supply 100V, 115V, 230V (50 or 60Hz)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 70 x 432 x 301mm
Finish Black