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Margules ACRH-1.2

The ACRH1.2 is an integrated and complete stereo amplification and preamplification system. It offers the features of a high-end unit designed in a user-friendly, convenient, easy to navigate configuration. Its tube-based preamplifier offers outstanding detail in sound and scope. This, along with its semiconductor output stage, creates a musically dazzling performance. RETAIL: $2,200.

$1,599 SALE! (1 new in box only!)


It is well known that a good preamplifier is the heart of an audio system.
With this in mind, Margules Audio has undertaken the task of developing
an integrated amplifier that blends an extraordinary tube preamplifier with
an excellent solid-state power amplifier.
One of this design's innovations is its flexibility, allowing the end users the ability to
upgrade and/or customize their system based on their changing audio needs.It also
affords the additional advantage of not limiting options or becoming outdated in configuring your system as your audio needs become more demanding.


The preamplifier section of the unit is based on two dual triodes (12AU7) per side that act
as unity gain buffers coupling the source and the power amplifier. The circuit is based on
the knowledge and experience acquired in developing the highly acclaimed Margules
SF220 line stage. The power supply of the preamplifier is fully regulated. Good power
regulation reduces the loss of signal integrity that occurs when the signal itself shifts the
preamplifier's operating point. The filament supply is to regulated.


The topology of this discrete semiconductor power amplifier is laid out in such a way that
all coupling is direct, avoiding interstage capacitors that, in most cases, result in higher
distortion and inferior sound. The output stage is designed with a proprietary circuit bias.
This optimizes the operating point of the semiconductors so as to avoid the typical
overheating found in other Class A designs while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls of
Class B distortion.

100 W/channel/8 ohms
Harmonic distortion: (THD):
Noise flour
3 mv
Frequency response:
5 Hz - 40kHz
Max power cosumption:
210 W
17 kg
Dimentions (height, width, depth):
14 cm x 47cm x 37cm