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KEF HTC3001 Center Channel Loudspeaker

KEF's HTC3001 center channel speaker features KEF's Uni-Q Array. Uni-Q technology consists of an aluminum tweeter small enough to mount in the acoustic center of a 4.5-inch midrange driver. This disperses the sound over a much wider area, so everyone enjoys the same clear, warm, realistic sound instead of just those listeners positioned in the small 'sweet spot' that you get with conventional speakers. RETAIL: $300.


The KEF HTC3001 dedicated centre speaker centre speaker is in a class of its own. Carrying up to 60% of the sound, the centre channel is the most vital speaker in any home theatre system.

The KEF HTC3001's increased power handling for extra "slam" combined with the twin 3inch bass drivers to give the necessary frontal impact which is important when watching a movie, the HTC3001 also delivers superior dialogue reproduction.

With KEF's 'Sit anywhere' Uni-Q® technology the HTC3001 assures perfect timbre matching to the HTS3001 satellites. Furthermore, sound definition still remains crystal clear, even when not sitting immediately in front of, or not listening at the same height as the loudspeaker position.

The KEF HTC3001 Centre speaker is available individually or as part of the KHT3005SE 5.1 system consisting of 4 satellites, a centre speaker and a subwoofer.

Amplifier Power Range
10-100 Watts
Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
High Gloss Black or Silver
8 Ohms
Frequency range
65Hz - 55KHz