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Grandinote Shinai

Pure Class A power with big current! Certainly a dyed-in-the-wool audiophile's dream, amazingly natural and lifelike sound through simple design and signal processing.


Grandinote Shinai has refined and charming sound of Magnetosolid® amplifiers.
Supreme musical characteristics of Prestigio, dual case 60W amplifier, are transferred in this little masterpiece of 37W for channel.
In summary, these are two mono units, enclosed in a single chassis.
Requires two power cables.
Stereo integrated amplifier
Power for channel 37W
Damping factor >150
Frequency response 2Hz - 240 kHz
Two unbalanced inputs RCA
Two balanced inputs XLR (full-balanced)
Balanced inputs XLR unbalanced convertibles
Class "A"
No feedback
Direct coupling stages: no capacitor used
Absorption 270W
Weight 40kg
W=318 x H=196 x L=473 [mm]
Italian price VAT included 11.400 €
Grandinote's warranty of 5 years