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Margules TT10 Turntable

A gorgeous and unique table that employs suspension to effectively isolate the table from room vibrations! This table was bought from us and has been in the hands of one owner - who took great care of it! It comes with a brand new dust cover, a new replacement belt, and a Margules record weight! RETAIL: $3,000.

$1,250 USED (with new dust cover, new belt, and Margules record weight!)

The TT10 is the first production turntable made by Margules, created as part of a project made by Margules and a Technologic university, where the students proposed a fresh and futuristic aesthetic design in a frame of high end requirements.

The TT10 is belt driven and has a machined platter high mass platter siting in a boll bearing

The motor is a synchronous low RPM low noise and torque in a suspended springs mounting to avoid noise induction to the turntable, the motor pivot is also ball bearing.

The arm mounting is universal and can easily be adjusted for the Vertical Tracking and the

The turntable is couple to its stand by mechanic Diodes that can be adjusted to perfect

The TT10 has RCA connectors to allow the user choose his preference cables.


The UP-01 is a 9.5 inches, anodized aluminum machined uni-pivot arm, with internal
antiresonance rings.

The arm allows adjustment for, tracking error, azimuth and anti-skating and weight.

Platter Weight:
5 kg


8 Kg

Dimentions (height, width, depth):
15cm, 52 cm, 41cm