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Nordost Vidar 2 Cable Burner

This is a FREE service for most cables purchased from us. We also offer a service for $75 (pair) for cables not purchased with us. Please call us or email us to make an appointment to bring in your cables for burn in.

Burn in takes 3 Days on the VIDAR 2

Why burn-in cables with the VIDAR 2?
• Gasses are trapped between conductors and insulation during manufacturing process
• High electrical charges are found in new cables
• Unwanted charges build up on the conductor surface over time
• Natural burn-in limitations
° Takes a long time
° Music only uses audible frequencies
• Burn-In CD limitations
° Limited bandwidth
° Must run within your own system

Physical Effects of the VIDAR 2
• Neutralizes charges in the conductors and insulation
• Wide bandwidth frequencies penetrate all layers of the cable
• Affects how signals pass through metal
• Establishes directionality of the cable

Audible Effects of the VIDAR 2
• Fuller, more natural sound
• Increased detail in musical reproduction
• 3D imaging greatly improved in the soundstage (Soundstage is deeper, wider, and taller)