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Richard Gray's Pole Pig
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Essentially a smaller, more affordable (and rather attractive with its cute light-up piggy logo) version of the RGPC Substation. Use in conjunction with one of their RGPC "parallel inductors" (aka, the 400, 600 or 1200) and you have a mini isolated circuit without the electrician visiting your home. RETAIL $1600



The little brother to the SubStation, the Pole Pig has a capacity of 700 watts; a perfect solution for isolating the front-end of a system. It can power entire receiver-based home theater systems, and is rack mountable with a Middle Atlantic Shelf Kit. The Pole Pig is best paired with the RGPC 600S Parallel Power Delivery Model.

Caution; the Pole Pig should not be used with high power amplifiers, powered subwoofers, or any combination of components in excess of 700 watts. If above 700 watts, please use the RGPC Substation.