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Naim Headline 2 Headphone Amplifier
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One the the all-time greatest headphone amplifiers. If you're a headphone fanatic, then check it out. Can be upgraded significantly with each step in the Naim power supply family.



Power Supply Options: NAPSC2 ($500), FlatcapXS ($1400), Hicap2 ($2150) or Supercap2 ($6750).

The Headline is an amplifier designed to offer optimum performance from a variety of high impedance headphones.

Fitted with a captive lead, the Headline takes its signal from the tape socket of any of our pre-amplifiers. It has its own volume control and is designed to be very, very quiet. It has the ability to drive most headphones to an adequate level (loud!) with low distortion.

Headphones tend to be rather revealing of both noise and distortion, so we have spent a great deal of effort getting these parameters to extremely low levels.

The Headline must be used with an external power supply such as a Flat-Cap 2 or Hi-Cap, using a special interconnect, type SLIC.


Suitable for headphones
8 Ohms to 2 KOhms

Frequency response
-3dB @ 10Hz & 72kHz

Power output (into 8 Ohms)
560mW per channel

Max output voltage
3.7V rms into 2kOhms

Voltage gain

Dimensions (H x W x D):
57 x 121 x 187mm