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Richard Gray's RGPC 400 Pro
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A direct replacement for our favorite Richard Gray product the RGPC 400 mkII. The "Pro" adds a 20 AMP IEC connector like its bigger brother the 600, resulting in a small, but significant performance increase. RETAIL: $800.



An update to the classic RGPC, the 400 Pro has one parallel 6,000 Watt choke and is designed to fit conveniently behind your equipment rack, either upright or on its side. The RGPC 400 Pro has four high quality commercial grade Hubbell outlets and may be used in multiple circuits to ensure all components, either directly or indirectly, receive the patented RGPC Parallel enhancement.

To determine how many circuits are in your room, plug a lamp or clock (not your AV gear) into each wall outlet in your room and then turn off the circuit breaker for that room. Anything that is still powered on is on a separate circuit. Try to keep all your equipment on the same circuit in order to receive the RGPC enhancement. If one circuit is not possible (or not desirable) it is more important to place one 400 Pro on each circuit than to place a larger RGPC model on just one circuit.

The more RGPC 400 Pro models placed on the same AC circuit, the higher the current-on-demand and the lower the noise floor achieved.