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Naim 555PS DR Power Supply
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Designed to power their amazing CD555, the 555PS can also impart a gigantic sonic improvement upon their CDS3, CDS2, CDX2 and CDX players.



The 555PS is the by-product of Naimís engineering research into the CD555 Compact Disc Player.

Relative to the XPS-2 power supply, the 555PS possesses a larger toroidal transformer, a revised power supply arrangement with additional voltage regulators, and complete isolation of the analog and digital supply outputs (when using the CD555 Compact Disc Player with its dedicated pair of Burndy interconnects).

Fantastic improvements in musical performance can also be realized with the CDS3 and CDX2 Compact Disc players (as well as the previous range's CDS2 and CDX models). The S-XPS Burndy interconnect (sold separately) carries both analog and digital supplies to the player.

Low resonance case with isolating feet.
Transformer 40% larger than the XPS2.
Seven regulated power supplies including seperate one for the clock circuitry.
Five secondary windings on transformer.
Separate dedicated analogue and digital output sockets (Burndy) to minimise high frequency noise modulation of analogue supplies.
Backward compatible with CDS3 and CDX2.