AV Furniture and Isolation Devices

BDI Corridor 8177 Media Cabinet
Designed with the home theater in mind—yet beautifully crafted furniture in its own right—the award-winning Corridor collection is the star of any living space. Louvered hardwood doors conceal a host of user-friendly features, sharply contrasted with a satin-etched glass top and black steel base.
BDI Elements 8777 Media Cabinet
A gorgeous and modern media cabinet that is both functional and elegantly designed! Laser-cut doors provide concealed storage while allowing sound, air, and remote control signals to pass easily through.
BDI Furniture
BDI make exceptional furniture for the modern home that is perfect for high end audio and video components! With a wide variety of styles, finishes, and configurations - BDI has you covered no matter your storage needs and aesthetic desires!
CAD Ground Control GC1
Power management and effective grounding have become so tantamount in the quest for hi fidelity audio - especially in a city with as noisy a power grid as our own! What can be a mere fraction of the total budget of your system can make a monumental impact. If you have not yet addressed grounding issues with a viable solution - look no further for your next system upgrade!
Devialet Tree (for Phantom)
The floorstanding stand for your Devialet Phantoms! Perfect for isolating the heart-imploding sound from unwanted surface vibration. Set directly on the floor and get to the rockin'!
$349 (white) and $375 (wood)
Devialet Treepod (for Phantom)
The smaller of the two stands for your Devialet Phantom! Perfect for tabletops, furniture, or other off-floor surfaces!
Dynaudio Speaker Stands
Dynaudio makes some of the best speakers in the world, and extremely well-built stands for any bookshelf monitor! For good reason, they are often where we leads folks for quality, no matter the loudspeaker brand they are to be used for!
*see detailed listing*
Finite Elemente Ceramic Isolation Systems
Cutting edge technology from the leading manufacturer of high end audio furniture – the ultimate direct coupling device for your audio components. Better resolution, better soundstage, better dynamics. And better music.
See detailed description for pricing.
GamuT Lobster HiFi Chair
The first high-end listening chair created to minimize reflections from the surroundings.
Harmonic Resolution Systems Analog Disk
Another excellent product from HRS. Works especially well on suspension-less turntables. Amongst the easiest tweaks for us to demonstrate! Immediate results.
$270 / $510
Harmonic Resolution Systems Damping Plates
The HRS damping plates add mass to lighter components while damping harmful internal and external resonances. They work exceptionally well when used with the Nimbus and Coupler feet. Their improvements are EASILY demonstrable. Come in and let us show you.
from $175 each
Harmonic Resolution Systems E1 Isolation Base
Harmonic Resolution Systems, or HRS, make some of the very best isolation devices made today. By proving that innovation in engineering and being on the cutting edge of material sciences leads to the best results, HRS have set themselves above the rest by simply making something no one else can. This new product of theirs has infinite usability, as it can be placed just about anywhere or under anything and improve your sound!
Harmonic Resolution Systems M3 Isolation Base
The ultimate upgrade for your turntable, CD player, DVD player or frankly any component.
FLOOR SAMPLE OF M3 1419 AVAILABLE FOR FOR $2,155. See detailed description for pricing.
Harmonic Resolution Systems Nimbus Spacers and Couplers
We are so amazed by this product and frankly all of Mike Latvis' isolation and resonance damping devices. They're tweaks that satisfy even the non-tweaky folks. Come in for a demo and be somewhere between mildly surprised to downright floored by the MUSICAL improvements HRS products impart on a system or component.
See detailed description for pricing.
HRS MXR & SXR Equipment Rack Systems
"A lot of equipment -- much of it good and a good deal of it better than that -- has graced my listening room since Mike Latvis… of Harmonic Resolution Systems came to my home several months ago…. Still, at the end of the review cycle, almost all of them have gone back from whence they came. Not so the HRS equipment rack; it's not going anywhere. In fact, as soon as I can scrape together the money, I intend to purchase another.” (HRS Audio Stand Selected as Product of the Year.) Jules Coleman 6moons October 2004
See detailed description for pricing.
HRS RXR Audio Rack System
The RXR rack uses technology similar to the SXR and MXR racks to create a stand that minimizes unwanted resonances and vibrations
iFi Groundhog+
A complete grounding adapter system from iFi! Known as the wizards of small tweaks that make a big difference, you'll be shocked just how much you can do with a little invested in iFi's wonderfully effective products! Designed for use with a power cable, or for best results with iFi's AC iPurifier!
IsoAcoustics Aperta
IsoAcoustics Aperta: Sound Like it was Meant to Be Heard. Aperta $199 (7.5x6.1x3) Aperta 200 $249 (10x7.8x3.5) Aperta 300 $159 ea (11.8x7.8x3)
See detailed description for pricing.
IsoAcoustics GAIA Isolation Feet / Iso-Puck
The Gaia series of isolation products provides improved sound clarity and openness for floor standing speakers. Available in three sizes, priced for a set of four: Gaia I: $599 (spec'd 220lbs. and under) Gaia II: $299 (spec'd 120lbs. and under) Gaia III: $199 (spec'd 70lbs. and under) Optional floor spike pads for carpet available for $40 per set! Iso-Puck: $60 pair Iso-Puck Mini: $99 for a pack of 8
See detailed description for pricing.
IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck
Our go-to speaker isolation pucks! You'll need three per speaker.
$60 per pair.
Naim FRAIM Equipment Stand
Specifically designed for Naim Audio components, but will work with select other manufacturers. If you do not believe that the stand upon which your equipment sits matters, then you need to hear what the Fraim can do.
ALL STORE FLOOR MODEL NAIM FRAME STANDS ARE 50% OFF!! Inquire for more details!!
Nordost QPoint Resonance Synchronizer
The QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer emits a subtle field which manipulates all electromechanical resonances within its immediate proximity so that they resonate in unison with each other. By syncing these resonances, the QPOINT eliminates internal electrical noise, enhancing the coherency and timing that is typically lacking in even the most high-end audio systems.
Nordost Qv2 AC Line Harmonizer
The QVIBE Qv2 is designed to enhance the musical performance and picture quality of any audio or video system, delivering readily demonstrable benefits at an incredibly affordable price.
Nordost Sort Fut
Isolate your rack, speakers or speaker stands with a set of Nordost Sort Fut.
Nordost Sort Lift
Nordost’s Sort Lift® is the preeminent cable support in the consumer electronics industry, and is the latest addition to our Sort System.
$600 per pair
Pangea DS400 & LS300 Speaker Stands
Heavy Duty 24" 3 post and 4 post stands. A really great value!
$119 & $199 per pair
Quadraspire Furniture
Quadraspire produces an extensive range of modular performance Hifi Stands and TV Stands, in both wood and glass, to enhance your sound system both sonically and visually.
See detailed description for pricing.
Quadraspire LP Qube
The LP Qube is a brilliant solution to all your LP Storage needs. Each Qube can hold up to 150 LPs with glass dividers providing good protection and optional glass doors to keep them dust free. The HiFi Qube, is a performance Hi-Fi Cabinet that can house your hifi & av components discreetly whilst enhancing your system both sonically and visually. It can also be connected to both the CD & LP Qube to create a media wall. Glass doors, adjustable feet & castors are available as optional extras. Not only is this ideal for hifi but a great compact TV Cabinet.
$450 each
Solidsteel Speaker Stands
Extremely well-built stands from a company that has been perfecting audio isolation since 1950! They come in 21, 24, and 28 inch heights.
see detailed listing for pricing.
Stillpoints Aperture Acoustic Panel
The Stillpoints Aperture acoustic panels represent a whole new form of acoustical treatment. The Stillpoints Aperture is actually three products in one: an absorber, a diffuser, and a resonator. Due to its revolutionary design, it is impossible to directly compare the performance parameters of the Stillpoints Aperture to a conventional acoustic panel made of fiberglass. The performance specifications of the Stillpoints Aperture continually adapt to the dynamic changes in amplitude and frequency of the audio/video system generating the wave forms within the acoustical environment. At any given amplitude and frequency a “snapshot” measurement of performance could be taken, but, that static measurement does not explain the reality of how the Stillpoints Aperture actually performs.
Stillpoints Equipment Suspension Support Rack
This is an amazing performance necessity for any high performance system. 2012 TAS Editors Choice Award!!
$8,620 (starting at)
Stillpoints Ultra Isolation feet
These are a necessity for better sound..
See detailed description for pricing.
Symbol Audio Furniture and Record Storage
Symbol makes extremely well-built and gorgeous furniture for hi-fi aficionados! Their furniture is designed with isolation in mind, and thus, will serve as a major upgrade from other cabinetry. Keeping your equipment isolated from unwanted vibration will drastically lower the noise floor, bringing out unseen detail and sonic goodness in your system! Also, since they've designed them with audiophiles in mind, they have many configurations that employ vinyl and CD storage. Call us or come by to see their full catalogue and to discuss the perfect fit for your needs!
see detailed description
Triangle S02 Speaker Stands
Sleek, afforable, and stylish speaker stands from Triangle! They even have cable management! C'est magnifique!
Vicoustic Acoustic Treatments
This great acoustic treatment company has a wide variety of treatments in a multitude of designs and aesthetics, inquire for options and pricing! Room treatments are often overlooked but can provide tremendous results!