Home Theater Receivers and Separates

Anthem MRX720
Anthem’s award-winning Third Generation MRX Series of high-end multi-channel A/V receivers are known the world over for their excellent sound quality, efficient power handling, and the ease with which they integrate into an entertainment system. The MRX Series is packed with exclusive audio innovations like Anthem Room Correction (ARC) Technology and Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) Technology, 4K Pass-Through with fast HDMI switching and more.
Denon AVR-A110 Limited Anniversary Edition Home Theater Receiver
VERY LIMITED AND NUMBERED! Celebrating 110 years of audio excellence, the extensively tuned Denon limited series Anniversary Edition flagship receiver combines a supremely immersive home experience with a host of user-friendly convenience features. With support for your favorite 3D formats like Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X®, DTS:X Pro® IMAX Enhanced® and Auro-3D® and all your favorite voice services, it’s a truly modern masterpiece.
Integra DRC-R1.1 - 11.2 Channel Atmos & DTS:X Network A/V Pre-Amp
From the Research Series comes the all-new flagship Integra audio-video receiver, unsurpassed in reference all-in-one home entertainment. Double-skinned and braced chassis provides rigidity for full-floating circuitry, custom shielded power supply, and shielded amplification, all of which harmonize to isolate signals from noise. The result is absolute sonic purity in the quietest passages all the way up to earth-shaking volume levels. Equipped with every convenience for whole-home audiophile sound, the DRX-R1.1 carries the Integra legacy into the future.
Integra DRX-4.3 - 7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver
Take the plunge into a head-to-toe immersive world like nothing you've seen, heard, or felt before. The DRX-4.2 boasts high-grade componentry, state-of-the-art connectivity, and the Integra stamp of quality. THX certification merely confirms the superb value being offered.
Integra DSX-3 - 5.1 Channel Slim Chassis Network A/V Receiver
Movie lovers that care about interior aesthetics can unlock the true sonic potential of 4K Ultra HD Entertainment with the slim and beautiful DSX-3, an integration-ready, cool running, and subtly unobtrusive component with the latest in music casting features and much more.
Integra DTM-7 Network Stereo Receiver
An amazing option for those looking for a home theater receiver, but only wish for stereo and not surround. With the latest in video compatibility and processing, a phonostage, on-board streaming, as well as an FM/AM tuner, this unit is hooked up to deliver just about whatever source you wish!
Lyngdorf MP-50 A/V Pre-Amp
The Lyngdorf MP-50 is an extremely capable and well-built high-end surround sound processor that will refine the control section of your home theater system. RETAIL: $10,000.
Lyngdorf MP-60 2.1 A/V Pre-Amp
MP-60 2.1 is equipped with all the advanced technologies for which Lyngdorf Audio is known, including the renowned room correction system RoomPerfect and the unsurpassed quality in digital signal processing. Together with the Steinway Lyngdorf version, the P300, the MP-60 2.1 is developed at the group headquarters in Skive, Denmark.
Marantz SR5015 - 7.2 Channel 8K AV receiver with HEOS® built-in and voice control
Drive exquisitely detailed home cinema with the Marantz SR5015 7.2 channel 8K AV receiver. Enjoy the most musical sound for all your entertainment.
Marantz SR6015 -9.2 Channel 8K AV receiver with HEOS® built-in and voice control
Drive exquisitely detailed home cinema with the Marantz SR6015 9.2 channel 8K AV receiver. Enjoy the most musical sound in all your entertainment.
Marantz SR7015 - 9.2 channel 8K AV receiver with 3D audio, HEOS® built-in and voice control
Deliver exquisitely detailed home cinema with the Marantz SR7015 9.2 channel 8K AV receiver and enjoy the most musical sound in all of your entertainment.
PLAYBAR’s nine-speaker design floods your home with huge waves of epic, full-theater sound for TV, Web, Movies and Video Games.
Sony MASTER Series 4K Televisions
We sell the Sony MASTER Series and the Sony MASTER Series only! Why? Because it's the best TV we've ever seen, and for tv's we're quite content in sticking to only the best! They come in a wide variety of models, sizes, and prices, so please reach out to get pricing and details.
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Sony Projectors
We carry the Sony line of projectors, offering high performing models at various price points and feature offers. Check out Sony's site for details, or inquire for help with pricing and deciding the best fit for your needs!
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