Dynaudio Confidence 20
The Confidence 20 is Dynaudio's monitor in the newest iteration of their Confidence line of loudspeakers! With the new crop, they have further innovated their unmatchable Esotar tweeter to produce the Esotar 3, bringing even more fidelity and soundstaging prowess. Utilizing a downport, Dynaudio have improved upon placement and bass-distribution, making a product that can fill a wide variety of room sizes and speaker positions. As always, Dynaudio have elevated their revered brand to a level unlike any before.
Dynaudio Confidence 30
When the new Confidence 30 three-way floor-stander rolled out of Dynaudio Labs in Skanderborg, there was much rejoicing. It tips an affectionate nod to Confidence models past while taking their innovations and their performance to the next level. Like the rest of the range, the Confidence 30 features the brand-new Esotar3 tweeter.
Dynaudio Connect Wireless Input Module for Xeo Speakers
Run one set of speakers, build a multiroom system, go hi-res. Use a turntable, a CD player, a TV, a streamer. It’s your choice. Just connect… Dynaudio Connect brings together all the inputs you need to integrate wireless Focus XD and Xeo speakers into your system.
Dynaudio Contour 20
The Contour 20 standmounter takes everything we know about speaker technology and puts it in a compact, clean, and great-sounding package. "2019 Stereophile Class A Rated" RETAIL $4999
$4,199 FLOOR SAMPLE (in Gloss Rosewood)
Dynaudio Contour 30
Contour 30 step it up a notch from the 20. Of course, it still treads the same path – one of honesty, transparency, and sheer entertainment, but it puts it all in a bigger package. RETAIL: $7,500.
$6,499 FLOOR SAMPLE (in Gloss Rosewood)
Dynaudio Contour 60
The all-new Contour 60 – a sleek, elegant design with clear-cut midrange sound reproduction and deep commanding bass performance. RETAIL: $10,000.
$8,499 FLOOR SAMPLE (in Walnut)
Dynaudio Contour C25
The one for movie lovers: defined, potent, coherent... (Available in Walnut, Gloss White and Gloss Black - and for a 15% upcharge, Gloss Rosewood or Gloss Grey Walnut)
Dynaudio Contour SC
This used Dynaudio Contour SC center channel loudspeaker is a high-end performer at an entry level price. If you're currently looking for a soft-dome center channel speaker - this is absolutely the best option for you in this price range. RETAIL: $1,900.
$499 USED (in Rosewood)
Dynaudio Emit M10
An award-winning speaker with the authentic Dynaudio experience in a small, affordable package. Available in Satin black and white!
Dynaudio Emit M20
The Emit, with its classic compact loudspeaker proportions, is ideally suited for medium sized rooms and can easily be placed on a bookshelf or on a small stand – even when space is limited.
Dynaudio Emit M30
The totemic floorstander from Dynaudio's award-winning Emit series! Packing as much high end technology as possible in an affordable package, Dynaudio have found a way to scale down their bar-none sound to an entry-level product. Rich and low on the bass register, while remaining resolute and balanced up top - welcome to the world famous Dynaudio sound!
Dynaudio Evoke 10
New for 2019! Affordable Luxury Danish Design!
Dynaudio Evoke 20
Larger Bookshelf from the Amazing Evoke Line!
Dynaudio Evoke 25C Center Channel
Going to the movies is much better at home. You don’t have to queue, the floor isn’t sticky, and you don’t get charged through the nose for snacks. Plus, you can create a far superior audio experience. But for that, you need a centre channel. Here's the center for Dynaudio's new Evoke line!
Dynaudio Evoke 30
The smaller of the two floorstanders from Dynaudio's new Evoke line! With a newly developed tweeter - the Cerotar, and re-vamped and modernized cabinetry, the new Evoke line is both a step-up sonically as well as visually for this revered Danish brand! Perfect for small to mid-sized rooms!
Dynaudio Evoke 50
The larger of the two new floorstanders in Dynaudio's new Evoke line, these are a perfect fit for larger spaces! With their newly developed Cerotar tweeter, Dynaudio have once again elevated their already legendary sound to newer and greater heights!
Dynaudio Focus 20 XD
Dynaudio has spent decades repeatedly redefining the compact loudspeaker – and with the 300W Focus 20 XD, it’s happened again. The MSP driver and 28mm tweeter from the rest of the Focus XD range appear here, too – along with all the authority and control of the larger speakers. It’s quality, concentrated.
Dynaudio Focus 30 XD
These compact 450W floorstanders use our proprietary MSP woofers and precision-coated soft-dome tweeters, just like their bigger brothers, the Focus 60 XDs. Their tri-amp configuration and intelligent digital amplifiers means each driver gets exactly the right amount of the right frequencies, at the right time, to help your music sound exactly as it should. RETAIL: $7,500.
$5,699 FLOOR SAMPLE (in Gloss Walnut, with chip on top of 1 speaker)
Dynaudio Focus 340
Energy, depth, substance: The Focus 360 reveals the full musical picture. From the finest nuance of a singing voice to the full dynamics of an orchestra – music becomes a tactile experience. RETAIL: $7,500.
$3,499 USED (in walnut)
Dynaudio Focus 60 XD
The 600W floorstanding Focus 60 XDs are the ultimate union of quality, power and performance. With twin long-throw 18cm woofers and a dedicated 14cm midrange driver – both made from our proprietary MSP material – plus our legendary 28mm soft-dome tweeter, they’re designed just as much for finesse as they are outright thump.
Dynaudio Heritage Special
In very limited supply, Dynaudio have released a special anniversary speaker: the Heritage! Combining the aesthetic of the old with the performance of the new, the Heritage is sure to please both the vintage and modern minded! Act fast, we only have one pair to sell.
Dynaudio Speaker Stands
Dynaudio makes some of the best speakers in the world, and extremely well-built stands for any bookshelf monitor! For good reason, they are often where we leads folks for quality, no matter the loudspeaker brand they are to be used for!
*see detailed listing*
Dynaudio Special Forty
The Special Forty anniversary speaker draws on 40 years of cutting-edge research – and brings it totally up to date with Dynaudio’s most celebrated techniques and technologies.
Dynaudio x24 Center Channel Speaker
A great soft-domed center channel speaker in great condition for a great price! Will work wonders alongside any Excite, Evoke, or Emit Dynaudio surround system or in a system of soft-domed speakers as well! RETAIL: $850.
$719 FLOOR SAMPLE (in black)
Dynaudio Xeo 10 Wireless Speakers
The all-new Xeo 10 wireless active hi-fi speaker proves that ‘versatility’ needn’t mean ‘compromise’. Put it on a shelf. On your desk. On stands. Wherever and however you use it, you’re guaranteed all the performance you’d expect from 45 years of audio expertise.
Dynaudio XEO 20 Wireless Speakers
The next generation of wireless audio from Danish giants Dynaudio has arrived! These gorgeous monitor loudspeakers are all you need for a full hi-fi setup! With built-in amplification, input and volume control, you are a one-stop shop away from pure sonic bliss!
Dynaudio XEO 30 Wireless Speakers
The next generation of wireless audio from Danish giants Dynaudio has arrived! These robust floor-standing loudspeakers are all you need for a full range hi-fi setup! With built-in amplification, input and volume control, you are a one-stop shop away from pure sonic bliss!