HiFi Man Ananda
HiFi Man has made another astounding planar magnetic pair of headphones with their new Ananda! A massive driver size means not only are you getting all the incredible detail and resolution planar headphones are known for due to their lightweight and nano-thin diaphragm, but you'll find a sense of weight and impact not usually found in open-backed hi-fi cans. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable, and have an efficiency which means they can get along nicely with a wide variety of amplifiers or even simply played from a phone or laptop! Come see the next gen of a company that wins again and again.
HiFi Man Shangri-La Jr Electrostat Headphones and Amplifier
HiFi Man have shown time and time again that they know the road to headphone paradise, and with the Shangri-La Jr, they have scaled down the epic reference original award-winning Shangri-La to a more modest package, but with enough power and performance to sit comfortably at spitting distance from it's big brother. Electrostat listing is a sound unlike any other, full of more resolution and detail than you perhaps ever thought possible from a sub-$10,000 system. Can also power other electrostat headphones, with enough headroom to allow for simultaneous listening, so you can bring your best mate on the voyage to sonic nirvana! Can be purchased as separate components, but save $1k buying them together!
HiFiMan Edition X v.2
The newest version of one of one of the best values in high-performance headphones is here and improved in every single way. This isn't just a tuned-up version. It's flat-out better. RETAIL: $1,299
HiFiMan HE1000 V2
What Do $3000 Headphones Sound Like? HiFiMAN Will Answer That with HE1000 Planar Magnetic Headphones.... AWESOME!!!
HiFiMan Sundara Headphones
Enter Sundara, the successor to the immensely popular HE 400i. These are extremely well-built and refined open-backed headphones from industry giant HiFiMan, full of lush detail and a level of comfort that may even make you forget you are wearing them! The top-notch engineering and upgradable cabling mean this shall be well at home in your music life for many many years.